17 Oct 2009

Essays on White Fang

While many authors focus on human nature and survival, White Fang is a story about another type of survivor, a wolf pup.  White Fang’s mother, in order to survive, is required to kill for food in the harsh wilderness of North America.  During a major famine, the she-wolf is required to kill for food, ultimately including the members of the pack she runs with.  With his mother dying not long after she has White Fang, he becomes the lone survivor.  The bulk of the novel is the tale of White Fang and his struggles from childhood to maturity.

White Fang was written by Jack London.  Jack London is a well known writer who not only wrote White Fang but also the legendary The Call of the Wild.  The main conflict in all of his stories is that of survival and natural conflict.  Born in Southern California in 1875, Jack London was primarily a self-educated man, having spent much of his youth in the Oakland public library.  Before beginning his writing career in the late-1890s, London spent much time on the wrong side of the law, including a month-long stint in a prison in Buffalo, New York on a charge of vagrancy, and a period of time in Alaska, attempting to gain wealth by participating in the Klondike Gold Rush.

Like many writers, London struggled at first, receiving very little pay for his literary efforts.  London had, however, timed his entry into literary work well.  The late 1890s saw the beginning of inexpensive magazine publishing.  London’s career blossomed in this environment, combined with his treatment of writing as a serious, professional business.  Many consider London’s business approach to writing as marking the birth of the first, true “professional” writer.

Today’s students are in a struggle of their own, between their natural desire for freedom and success and the traditionalistic, structured environment of the academic institutions.  As such, students must learn to survive in this seemingly unnatural environment in their quest for academic and professional recognition.  A major challenge in this environment is the many written research papers each student is required to produce as they advance through to their goal.  With colleges using the power of computers to detect potential plagiarism, the dangers of this environment have only increased.  With close to one million students worldwide each year producing tens of millions of essays, the chance of false-positives has increased dramatically.  Only those with advance writing skills really have a change of excelling.

Unlike writers like Jack London, most students do not possess natural writing abilities.  The continuing use of written assignments as a measure of a student’s progress is fundamentally flawed.  It is flawed because, although writing skills can be taught, most colleges sadly lack effective training in this skill.  This is where companies such as ours enter the picture.  Balancing the scales, our company provides professionally written, original essays, term papers and dissertations, giving students an edge in reaching their academic goal.  All you need to do to increase your chances in the academic environment is to contact us today and learn how we can help.

Essays on Don Quixote

Don Quixote is a middle aged man from La Mancha in Central Spain.  He begins to believe that he is a great warrior here to defend against wrongful acts. He decides to take up a lance and sword after reading books about the exploits of medieval knights and goes out seeking adventures.  Giving up food, water, and shelter, Quixote seeks to please Dulcinea del Toboso, who in his mind is a princess.  The book tells his many adventures he endures while trying to please the princess.

Don Quixote is written by Miguel de Cervantes. Miguel was born to a poor Spanish doctor in 1547.  In 1575 pirates stole Miguel and his brother and sold them as slaves to the Moors. Only with the publishing of Don Quixote did Miguel finally achieve financial success. The first copy of the book was written in 1605, 25 years after he was ransomed and returned to Spain.

There are many character interactions within Don Quixote, the main being between Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.  Sancho was a peasant laborer who decides to become Don Quixote’s squire in his adventures.  Dulcinea del Toboso is the woman that Don Quixote pines for and is the princess in all of his adventures.  Known of but never seen, she is what drives him in every action, though she has no knowledge that he does what he does for her.  This an interesting twist on the concept of unrequited love so popular in literature from the 16th century (which would include the plays of William Shakespeare).

The significance of Don Quixote as the subject of academic examination comes from the manner in which it was written.  The novel was effectively divided into three parts, each written in a different manner.  The first section was written in the manner of a traditional romance, establishing the focus of Don Quixote’s behavior on Dulcinea del Toboso.   The second section is written as a sort of journal, documenting the day-to-day activities during the second part of Quixote’s first adventure.  The shift to the third part, commencing the second adventure, is written in a more traditional adventure novel format.  Cervantes’ skill in effectively blending these three techniques is truly remarkable and lays the basis of many academic essays.

Students writing these essays, however, find this very fact a challenge to successfully analyze to the satisfaction of their academic instructors.  Often, these students find the need to turn to professional writers to assist them in completing such assignments.  Companies such as ours have a veritable army of such writers, ready to complete assignments for almost any academic subject.  All they need to get started is your order.

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