01 Oct 2009

Essays on A Streetcar Named Desire

A Streetcar Named Desire is a story about Blanche DuBois, a school teacher who arrives at her sister’s home in order to stay with her with no notice.  However, it is soon discovered that Blanche is no longer what she used to be when it came to social standings.  Her sister Stella tries to stick up for her sister but due to being pregnant with her baby, she allows her husband Stanley’s distrust to grow between the two of them.

A Streetcar Named Desire was written by Tennessee Williams in 1947.  Tennessee Williams was born in Columbus, Mississippi as Thomas Lanier Williams.  After being sick for most of his childhood, Tennessee turned to writing as his only solace.  The story of the Streetcar named Desire, originally started as the script for a play that was later used as the basis of a Hollywood movie by the same name.  It is believed by many that the character Blanche was patterned after Williams’ younger sister, Rose, who suffered from mental illness and was a lobotomy patient.  Williams died in 1983 after choking on a medicine cap in an alcohol-related incident.

The character interactions within this book/play are mainly between four people.  These four people are Blanche DuBois, Stella Kowalski (Blanche’s younger sister), Stanley Kowalski (Stella’s husband), and Harold “Mitch” Mitchell, a potential paramour for Blanche.  The pivotal interaction is between Blanche and Stanley, centering on Blanche’s shadowy past of sexual promiscuity and Stanley’s vitriolic reaction to it.  The interactions between all four characters draws the story line out as the story of Blanche’s past is brought forth, and the truth is revealed with devastating consequences.

The story contains many motifs and topics which, when it was first written in 1947, were subjects of social taboo.  Blanche had been a college professor, but had made the mistake of getting romantically involved with one of her students.  During that era, male indiscretions with female students, though frowned upon, were generally allowed to occur without comment, but female indiscretions were met with scorn and summary dismissal, even if the accusation proved later to be untrue.  Williams used the play to reveal this inequality, showing that Stanley’s act of assault on Blanche near the end of the story was overlooked, even though it resulted in her total psychological collapse.

Many students overlook the potential of plays and movies as subjects of literary analysis, but when considered, play and movie scripts require the same level of literary skill and have the same potential for literary significance as the finest of novels.  One danger is the student being so drawn into the play or movie that they fail to grasp the underlying messages and motifs, such as the inequality in social reaction during the 1940s and 1950s to sexual promiscuity.  Professional writers, such as those working for us, are knowledgeable in such areas and skilled in their presentation and analysis.  Our writers consistently produce high-quality work for each and every client, regardless of subject or academic level.  All we need to begin is your order.

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