17 Oct 2009

Sample Essay: An analysis of President Barack Obama's Poverty and Welfare Policies

Barack Obama passed tax cuts for workers and health care for kids. Obama end all the tax breaks implemented to companies that are engage in export jobs and he will reward those companies that will offer jobs in America. Obama claimed that he is willing to lower down the taxes of 95 percent of the workers considering that 40 percent of the workers don’t even pay taxes. His policy is directed towards reintroducing massive increase in welfare state that will cost about $30 billion per year.  Obama plans to increase the number of tax filers who will going to receive a check from government without paying any taxes and they will receive a welfare check amounting to $10 million. However, the plans of Obama is frustrating because many low income households would have higher effective marginal rates and it only shows that as the household will face new tax burdens as they increase their earnings. The plans of Obama would probably hit those under 200% of the poverty line and could only extend the poverty trap. Obama will increase tax credits for the poor rather than reducing the taxes for everyone and this action might result to increase in household marginal rates. He passed law to move people from welfare to work as he slashed the rolls by 80 percent. Obama adapts the federal welfare reform law and he make sure to give a child care subsidy. Barack Obama proposed immediate actions towards the economic status of America as he gave emphasis on the imposition of tax on excessive profits of oil companies (Obama makes Economic Priority, 2008). The tax proceeds will be given to American families as an emergency energy rebate. Obama works on relief budget to prevent million of Americans from losing their jobs and to prevent state and local cuts in health, housing, and education. The relief will be used as growth fund to prevent cutbacks in jobs, road and bridge maintenance. Tax relief will be provided for the Middle Class Americans that will be used in restoration of tax code (Obama Economy, 2008). He introduced “Making Work Pay” policy wherein tax credits will eliminate income tax to millions of Americans. Basic procedures will be given ample attention such as in simplifying the tax filing procedures for the middle class Americans. Obama is looking forward to the benefits of strengthening the trade with foreign nations that could directly create jobs for the Americans. He will fight for the trade policies including the opening of foreign markets and planning to utilize trade agreements like the Central American Free Trade Agreement that will stop countries from unfair government subsidies to non tariff barriers on US exports. Obama ensured that IRS information will be made available from banks and the tax payers could have the option to verify, sign and return their pre-filled tax forms.

Impact of Policies to State Poverty

The policies proposed by Obama aim to strengthen the metropolitan areas and across federal government. He introduced important programs that will provide jobs and housing for low and moderate income people. Obama’s policies support entrepreneurship and job growth and it aims to modernize the manufacturing centers. Obama strengthens the transportation systems and enhances federal transportation investments. Families can have reasonable access to their places of employment and the policies are design to create new jobs in undeserved economic to give chance to low income urban residents find employment within their home communities. Experts believed that by simplifying the tax procedures could save billion of dollars.

There will be transition assistance to workers that will help them to adapt the rapid changing economy. Obama will give rewards to companies that could create good jobs and good benefits to American workers. He will not allow companies to get tax deductions by moving their operations overseas and ensure public contracts to companies that are committed to American workers (Obama Calls for Swift Action, 2008).

Strengths and Weaknesses of Poverty and Welfare Policy

Barack Obama strongly believes that in order to strengthen the weak states at the so-called risk of collapse, the health crises in public as well as the economic meltdown should be strengthen. Obama stated that the US spending should be doubled in terms of the foreign aid for about fifty billion dollars per year by year 2012. Included in his reforms is helping the countries classified as developing to sustain democracies including the demand with much return in accountability. In addition, the establishment of two billion dollars fund in Global Education will help in eliminating the deficit of global education wherein Obama included in his plan as well as reducing the debt of nations considerably developing while there is better coordination in terms of policies in the development and trade. Strength is the reestablishment of Obama with the leadership of US moral by way of respect in civil liberties, torture as ending while restoring the habeas corpus. Furthermore, Obama will make the electoral process in the US as transparent, fair and at the same time fighting home corruption.

As seen by those people who are not favoring the Presidency of Obama is his trustworthiness, experience including the family connections and likeability. Obama may not practice fairness in terms of giving help in prioritizing the people who experienced poverty because of race which is long issue in the United States.

Education and Health Care

Obama is setting up the program of government insurance in health care for the purpose of competing with the private companies which exist wherein he puts mandates on these private companies as slowly but there should be effective force that they are out of business. On the aspect of education, Obama has severe case of the so-called Big-Government wherein his principle in education is more on the responsibility in the state and local areas. Obama included in his reforms that the national programs is considerably a neighbor of overenthusiastic but the cost is staggering. Obama is promising learning, support as well as the care to families from birth of children up to five years old. In addition, the recruitment of well-qualified teachers for America’s all classrooms should also be made. There should also be heading off dropouts by means of investment in the proven strategies of intervention that will be done on the middle grader and during summer learning as well as the opportunities in after School.


Obama’s policy is an effective way in improving the state of poverty in the United States because of his good plans that are reachable and effective. These are doubling the US Spending while doubling the foreign aid for fifty billion dollars every year, the setting up of insurance in health care that will absolutely compete with the private companies and the improvement in education of American state. The federal program of Obama supports innovation clusters that will enhance long term regional growth. The policies of Obama make long term investments in education, training and workforce development, healthcare that can leverage the strengths of Americans. Businesses will be given the opportunity to invest in innovation and create high paying and secure jobs.


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