19 Jul 2009

Essays on Animal Farm

George Orwell, during his brilliant writing career, wrote primarily about social issues that he was concerned with.  With his novels, he all but invented the concept of social commentary through fictional stories, taking the concept to new heights whose influence is felt to this very day.  In Animal Farm, Orwell attempts to expose the ease with which mankind can be lead into the darker realms of governance with startling realism, separated from reality only by his use of animals as the main characters.

In Animal Farm, Orwell presents an animal society that is based on the principals of socialism.  One day on the farm the oldest pig Old Major, calls a meeting of all the animals on the farm.  At this meeting he tells the fellow animals about a dream he has regarding living on the farm with no humans and being in control of themselves.  Three days later Old Major dies but the idea is implanted in minds of three younger pigs who decide to work for the dream.

The animals soon attack the farmer, tossing him off the land and begin to survive on their own.  Snowball and Napoleon, the two most outspoken pigs, become the new community leaders and begin to help the farm prosper.  Snowball begins to teach the animals to read, but Napoleon takes a group of puppies away from the group in order to “educate” them.

There becomes a time when Snowball and Napoleon begin to squabble and when Snowball suggests building a powered windmill, Napoleon resists the idea.  When snowball calls for a vote from the other animals, Napoleon attacks Snowball, supported by the puppies he had been training, and runs him off the land.  After this, Napoleon then becomes a dictator, killing anyone that even begins to question him, and begins to act more and more human, including sleeping on a bed and wearing human clothes.  The pigs begin to walk and talk like the humans and to interact with the humans, conducting trade and socializing with them, to the point that one day the other animals can no longer tell through the farm window which is a pig and which is human.

  • Orwell based much of his work on his concerns for how easily society could be lead down paths that would lead to conditions of oppression.  In Animal Farm, his concern was sparked by how frequently those who claim that they want to “change” society end up no better than those they replaced.  Prepare an opinion paper reflecting how this concept is developed in Animal Farm and how it does or does not reflect reality.
  • Orwell’s novel, Animal House, is based on a socialist society, yet the lessons of the novel could apply equally to democratic societies, such as our own.  Is this a revelation of Thomas Jefferson’s warning regarding the price of liberty and if so, how?

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