15 Feb 2010

Essays on Les Misérables

Les Misérables stands as a shining example of how an incredible novel, when converted to popular media such as a movie or play, can lose so much of its significance that the true messages of the original novel are in danger of permanent loss.  Set in the 18th century, the story centers on experiences and social conditions that the author, Victor Hugo, knew well.  Hugo was witness to the effects of oppressive French laws and society in which ex-offenders were never allowed to redeem themselves, whether the offense was criminal (theft, etc) or social (promiscuity, etc).  Hugo attempted to show how this oppression kindled the flames of social revolution, but also offers a spark of hope in overcoming such oppression through virtuous living.

As a play, Les Misérables seems to center around Jean Valjean (a redeemed ex-convict) who finds himself perpetually pursued by Javert (an over-zealous police inspector) over a stolen loaf of bread.  Along the way, he ends up responsible for the care and upbringing of a young girl, Cossette, who is the daughter of Fantine (a French peasant woman).  The events are further disrupted by the outbreak of the French Revolution with barricades and battles in the streets of Paris, forcing everyone to act for their personal best interested, but in the end love and honorable redemption win-out.  This reflects a preservation of the central plot effectively, yet also represents the major failing of playing to populist media.

When one digs into the novel instead, it is quickly evident that much was lost in its populist media transition.  Interwoven into the midst of the central plot are dozens of social commentaries and exposés on the effects of social injustice and oppression.  This difference begins when we consider the character of Fantine, a single mother who was abandoned by her daughter’s father.  In the play, we know only this point, but not the reasons her daughter is in the custody of the innkeepers.  In the novel, the point is stressed prior to the fight at the factory that this was done due to the unlikelihood of the towns members being able to over look the fact Fantine has an illegitimate (i.e. born out of wedlock) child.  Another point of error in the transition occurs during the attempted robbery of Valjean by the innkeepers when they are encountered in Paris.  In the play, it is the innkeepers own daughter, Eponine, who betrays their intentions while in the novel, it is Marius Pontmercy, the son of a French military officer, who alerts Javert to the plot.

Such discrepancies, though to some seeming minor, reveal many of the lost subplots of the novel that are critical to a proper understanding of the novel’s significance.  Eponine and Marius, for example, both reflect the theme that the background of one’s parentage does not necessarily dictate one’s future.  Eponine’s parents are unethical thieves and scoundrels, but her giving Marius information later on Cossette’s whereabouts (particularly when Cossette is her paramour rival for Marius) shows a counter-intuitive honor about her as an individual.  Marius’ participation in the revolutionist movement when his father is a military officer similarly speaks of his uniqueness in following his sense of right and wrong, rather than following his father’s loyalty to the government, even though he too recognizes its corruption.

The essay potentials of Les Misérables are as dynamic as the novel itself.  From analysis of what societal stereotype each character represents (and yes each of them represent a different one) to how the issues underlying the story (such as poverty and social injustice for those who break social norms) reflect on our modern society, each potential essay, when effectively pursued, can offer the student the opportunity to show their instructors the knowledge and skill they have acquired during the course of their education.  The problem is, not everyone is effectively skilled at writing.

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17 Oct 2009

Essays on Gulliver's Travels

In Gulliver’s Travels, an English surgeon decides to go traveling and ends up having many interesting and, as he learns later, unbelievable adventures.  Each of his four trips sends him into four different territories that most would believe could never exist.  Each of these territories explores a difference aspect of human behavior.  In his first adventure he is captured by tiny little men.  In his second adventure he ends up as a play thing of giants.  In his third adventure he lands on an island full of theologians and academics.  Finally his last adventure lands him on an island where horse like creatures rule and yahoos, human-like men serve the horses.  It is a story regarding intrigue, adventure, and learning about oneself.

Gulliver’s Travel was written by Jonathon Swift.  Jonathon Swift was the oldest son of a English lawyer.  He was born in 1667 in Dublin, Ireland.  He attended Trinity College at the age of 14 and stayed for 7 years.  He became the secretary of Sir William Temple who was a member of the whig party.  Though Gulliver’s Travels was mainly written as a way to put Swifts own adventures into words, the final copy of the book was not written till 1736, having taken a full ten years to be completed.

In Gulliver’s Travels, Swift used a wide variety of characters to represent various aspects of human nature.  The interaction between Lemuel Gulliver and the people of the islands he visited demonstrate the harmful nature of many typical human behaviors.  The Emperor of Lilliput, for example, demonstrated man’s tendency to fear things larger than himself.  Though this was illustrated by the physical differences between Gulliver and the Emperor, this tendency can be present when facing abstract concepts such as academic or professional projects.  In the land of giants, Brobdingnag, mankind’s tendency to bully those weaker than ourselves was demonstrated. On the island ruled by horses, Swift explored the concept of slavery and social status, though this was cleverly cloaked by the use of horses as rulers instead of other men.

I save Gulliver’s experience with the island of theologians and academics (his third adventure) for last for a reason.  This encounter demonstrates a matter of human nature that students can easily recognize – academic supremacy.  As Gulliver experienced patronization by the theologians and academics, student frequently are addressed and treated in patronizing fashions by their instructors.  This often becomes clear when professors assign research and writing assignments.  Most students find that their instructors not only expect them to be able to effectively research topics, but to communicate them effectively, a talent that few students have in measurable quantity.  This is where companies like ours come in.  With our talented staff of dedicated writers, we are able to supply essays and articles on almost any academic topic.  All you need to do to take advantage of their skill is to place your order today.

02 Oct 2009

Essays on Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a book about a scientist who makes a formula that turns him into a monstrous murderer.  The story begins with Gabriel John Utterson, an attorney, learning about a horrendous assault which killed a young girl.  Utterson is led by circumstances to begin investigating, leading him to a past client, Dr. Jekyll.  Utterson learns about Jekyll’s research and is horrified by the implications.  He pleads with Jekyll to stop, but Dr. Jekyll begins to fall deeper into the monstrous research that he has begun and no longer tries to stop the horror that Mr. Hyde brings on.

The novel Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was written by Robert Lewis Stevenson. Mr. Stevenson was a master of the Victorian adventure story.  The story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide was almost a recap of the anxiety that he had to go through during his childhood due to his illnesses.  Though his life was hard due to the sickly respiratory problems that he had growing up, he began to show the world that no matter what one can succeed.  Two of Stevenson’s other well known and loved books were Treasure Island and Kidnapped.

The Character relationships in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are primarily between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide themselves, even if they were the same person in a sense.  The protagonist of the novel, Mr. Gabriel John Utterson was Dr. Jekyll’s attorney prior to the events of the novel.  His concerns regarding the events surrounding Dr. Jekyll’s work prompts him to bring in another character, Dr. Lanyon, with whom Dr. Jekyll had a serious dispute over the questionable ethics of Dr. Jekyll’s work.  Mr. Utterson’s inability to deal with the supernatural caused him to bring in Dr. Lanyon.

Themes within Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde revolve around the fears of science gone rampant and the ethics needed to regulate it.  In a way, Utterson’s opposition to Dr. Jekyll’s continued research may have been symbolic of the idea that only the law can enforce ethics, though today we know this is not entirely true.  Ethics also plays a part in the questionable act of the young girl’s family accepting Dr. Jekyll’s payoff, reflected by our modern tendency to do the same.  Newspapers in recent years carried many headlines regarding the payoff of an alleged victim by Michael Jackson.

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Essays on The Little Prince

The Little Prince is a book about a man who ends up stranded in the desert who meets a young boy.  This young boy is a prince who comes from a tiny planet.  The Prince begins to tell the story about his life on his planet where he was the caretaker of all that grew and of the rose that appeared, its beauty capturing his heart.  However, the rose lied to him about something, causing him to become distrustful of her and to become lonely.  He decided to leave the planet and ended up on Earth after landing on six other planets where he was not happy at all.  On each of the planets, he met men who were obsessed in one way or another with profit, fame and power, concepts which seemed to defy logic to him.

The Little Prince was written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.  Antoine was born in 1900 in France and considered himself a pilot above all else.  He began to write The Little Prince during World War II, after Germany’s invasion of France, an event that forced him to flee to the United States.  No doubt this virtual exile contributed heavily to the tone and content of The Little Prince.

The character interactions in the Little Prince are mostly between the Prince and The Narrator.  We do learn the narrator is an aviator (just as Saint-Exupery was prior to WWII).  However, there are also many strange interactions when it came to the Prince.  The Prince had a rose who was his best friend till she lied to him.  He also talked to a fox and a snake, the latter of which claimed his bite could send the young prince back to his world in the sky, if he wished.  At one point The Prince even mistakes his echo for a person and attempts to hold a conversation with it.  In all, The Prince is presented as an almost child-like innocent.

The Little Prince stands as not only an exorcism of Saint-Exupery’s personal demons, but also as an indictment of the moral decay he saw in the world around him.  It is interesting to consider this novel in light of other authors who had similar concerns such as Huxley and Orwell.  This novel added to a long tradition of writers using fiction to protest injustice and moral decay or to express concerns over developing issues, such as Orwell’s fear of the development of a surveillance society, which we today are rapidly finding ourselves immersed within.

Though The Little Prince found Saint-Exupery little fame or success, his novel stands as a literary classic.  The structure of the tale does, however, give many students difficulty when trying to prepare essays.  Professional writers (such as those on our staff) are use to this and can quickly and easily prepare you a high quality, comprehensive essay on this and many other topics.  Place your order through our secure website today and sleep easy tonight, knowing your project is in good hands.

19 Jul 2009

Essays on Animal Farm

George Orwell, during his brilliant writing career, wrote primarily about social issues that he was concerned with.  With his novels, he all but invented the concept of social commentary through fictional stories, taking the concept to new heights whose influence is felt to this very day.  In Animal Farm, Orwell attempts to expose the ease with which mankind can be lead into the darker realms of governance with startling realism, separated from reality only by his use of animals as the main characters.

In Animal Farm, Orwell presents an animal society that is based on the principals of socialism.  One day on the farm the oldest pig Old Major, calls a meeting of all the animals on the farm.  At this meeting he tells the fellow animals about a dream he has regarding living on the farm with no humans and being in control of themselves.  Three days later Old Major dies but the idea is implanted in minds of three younger pigs who decide to work for the dream.

The animals soon attack the farmer, tossing him off the land and begin to survive on their own.  Snowball and Napoleon, the two most outspoken pigs, become the new community leaders and begin to help the farm prosper.  Snowball begins to teach the animals to read, but Napoleon takes a group of puppies away from the group in order to “educate” them.

There becomes a time when Snowball and Napoleon begin to squabble and when Snowball suggests building a powered windmill, Napoleon resists the idea.  When snowball calls for a vote from the other animals, Napoleon attacks Snowball, supported by the puppies he had been training, and runs him off the land.  After this, Napoleon then becomes a dictator, killing anyone that even begins to question him, and begins to act more and more human, including sleeping on a bed and wearing human clothes.  The pigs begin to walk and talk like the humans and to interact with the humans, conducting trade and socializing with them, to the point that one day the other animals can no longer tell through the farm window which is a pig and which is human.

  • Orwell based much of his work on his concerns for how easily society could be lead down paths that would lead to conditions of oppression.  In Animal Farm, his concern was sparked by how frequently those who claim that they want to “change” society end up no better than those they replaced.  Prepare an opinion paper reflecting how this concept is developed in Animal Farm and how it does or does not reflect reality.
  • Orwell’s novel, Animal House, is based on a socialist society, yet the lessons of the novel could apply equally to democratic societies, such as our own.  Is this a revelation of Thomas Jefferson’s warning regarding the price of liberty and if so, how?

Many of Orwell’s novels, when written, were considered offensive with many officials condemning them as attacks upon the government.  Such controversial topics can be difficult for students to write about in our modern society, thanks in part to the “political correctness” movement and is pressures upon academic institutions.  In this environment, students are often at a loss of how to begin work on their assignments, but all is not hopeless.  Our writers come from a diverse field of thinkers who focus more on the merits of the issue, rather than on its political correctness.  As such, they can provide papers written on any topic from the angle the writer wishes.  Since in truth they are not concerned with political correctness, our writers can prepare assignments from an uncensored environment, vastly improving the quality of the assignment.  All we need is your order.

12 Jul 2009

Essays on The Outsiders

Many classic novels are based on the topic of social inequalities.  Novels such as Sense and Sensibilities focus on lesser characters getting involved with socially superior characters, ending up being pulled into the higher social standings in the process.  The Outsiders shows this gap can be closed in other, more dramatic ways.

The Outsiders has a broad spectrum of characters with the Greasers playing center stage.  The Greasers are a group of friends that include Ponyboy, the main character in the book, and his brothers Darry (the oldest) and Sodapop.  The Greasers also include Two-bit, Steven, Dally, and Johnny Boy.

Two groups are presented in The Outsiders as bitter social rivals:  the “Greasers” and the “Socs.”  The main difference between the two groups is that the Greasers are from the poor side of town while the Socs (short for Socials) are the ones from wealthy families.  The closing of the social inequality gap comes when one of the Socs is killed during a fight.  In the aftermath, the two groups begin to see that they are more alike than they thought.

As the story progresses, Ponyboy and Johnny get into a fight with two of the Socials where one of the Socs is killed.  Pony and Johnny go on the run and find themselves at an abandoned church where they begin to find out that who they are is more than just where they were born.    As Ponyboy and Johnny spend more and more time at the church they meet up with Dally.  Dally talks them into going back home as a fight is brewing between the Greasers and the Socs.  As they are returning to the church from getting something to eat, they notice that the church they were staying in was on fire.  Ponyboy and Johnny run into the fire to save some children that had been picnicking in the church.  Dally saves both Ponyboy and Johnny but Johnny is seriously injured and does not survive.  When Johnny dies, Dally goes crazy and ends up getting shot by the cops after the rumble.

  • In the novel, The Outsiders, the effects of social inequality play center stage.  Describe the environment of the two groups (Greasers and Socials) and how this environment shapes the character and attitudes of the individuals within each group.
  • The Outsiders carries an underlying plot of the personal development of the character Ponyboy.  Describe how Ponyboy’s personality and behavior changes over the course of the novel and give examples showing this development.

Reality stories like The Outsiders contain many elements upon which essays can be based.  Students are, however, caught up in the story itself and overlook some of the novels more subtle issues.  Professional writers like ours can help students with essays covering these kinds of topics in new and innovative ways.  Contact us today to see how we can help you with a world-class essay on this and many other literary masterpieces.

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