17 Oct 2009

Essays on The Hound of the Baskervilles

The Hound of the Baskervilles is perhaps the best known of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries.  The novel begins with Dr. Watson and Mr. Holmes discovering a cane that was left in their office.  Holmes astonished Watson by naming the person who left it and predicting is return, moments before the owner entered.  Their visitor, one Doctor James Mortimer, briefs them on the known facts regarding a mystery he has found himself involved with, one that purportedly is associated with a curse brought on by a lecherous Baskerville ancestor.

The Hound of the Baskervilles was one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most prestigious writings.  His famous character, Sherlock Holmes was a highly skilled solver of mysteries and Doyle’s talented writings allowed people to follow Sherlock Holmes and Watson in a trail of investigation and deduction to solve a problem usually not in the way one would think. In 1902, Doyle was knighted by the King of England, for services rendered to the Crown during the Boer War.  Though not an active soldier, Doyle’s talent was tapped by the Crown for the preparation of propaganda materials which proved quite effective.

As with all Holmes memoirs (as the Holmes novels have come to be called), the primarily character relationships are between Sherlock Holmes and Watson.  Their ability to play against each other in order to achieve deduction and solve the case is amazing.  Dr Watson plays the part of the sounding board, listening, recording, and even proposing possible solutions he thinks fits the evidence before them, allowing the character of Holmes to glow more brightly when he shows Watson’s theories to be erroneous.

The history of the alleged family curse in The House of the Baskervilles stands in stark contrast to Holmes’ air of logic and investigation.  Those who believe one over the other could have the division drawn clearly down the separation of upper and lower class citizens in the novel, revealing that, even at the time of Doyle’s work, this attitude of superior intellect of the upper classes was prevalent, heavily influencing Doyle’s work.  It is an unfortunate truth that such assumptions continue, even in today’s “enlightened” society.  Those who end up homeless, unemployed, or forced (or choose) to work laborious occupations are viewed as less intelligent than the mainstream society.

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