31 Jan 2010

Sample Essay: They Say Hot? I think Not!

Honestly speaking, there are a lot of words in the English dictionary which are really confusing and unfathomable to me. The sad thing is that there are a lot of people whose vocabularies are not like that of a modern-day Shakespeare or Milton. It never fails to amuse me how people can just come up with a word which seems very appropriate for a particular thing. The even more amazing thing is that we never expect that the word casually coined by people would be incorporated in our everyday language. Most amazing is that sometimes, those words and their respective definitions make it even to the accepted dictionary. To end all that, the deliberation should begin.

Citing an extremely familiar example, the word “hot” surely will stand out. I have read and still read magazines and digests which frequently discuss the accepted standards of beauty. However, it was only a few years ago that the word “hot” came into the picture. Before we knew it, it had become every person’s description of a particular man or woman who exhibits desirable physical attributes. For example, a man who is hot in the eyes of women exudes Adonis-like qualities. A very manly, a rugged face, a muscular torso which boasts of a six-pack abdomen worthy of being cast in the film 300, and a suave voice. Add to those a gorgeous height, an action star aura and a smile that says “Girl, can I take you home now?” On the other hand, a hot woman by general definition possesses movie-star facial features and a voluptuously curvaceous body to kill for. Either those qualities or a supermodel-slim figure, belly button flashing with a piercing, and an oozing Playboy-worthy sex appeal which is windowed by eyes that say whilst staring, “Catch me if you can, boys.”

That drives us to an immediate conclusion. The word hot refers to sexually-attractive men and women capable of making admirers swoon. Not just an innocent swoon, but a swoon that drives innermost sexual desires on the brink of being blurted out of their mouths.

But then again, if that is really the definition of hot then hotness is unarguably synonymous with sex appeal. It pushes us to think even deeper. Even though hotness almost always refers to sexual attractiveness then why is it that some women, from Hollywood and from real-life alike are branded hot when they are not always caught with their sexy bodies flashing and their belly buttons exposed? The answer can only be provided by the individual being asked. On the other hand, the same case in men presents an equally valid argument, or should we say question because an argument regarding hotness sounds a bit absurd. One such example as I have read in a very popular women’s magazine, is the so-called hotness of a guy who possesses nerdy qualities albeit handsome face. Picture an unkempt hair, thick spectacles and not so fashionable clothes (the actor Adrien Brody comes to mind here). Why is it that a nerdy guy can be called hot when he does not have the aforementioned qualities? Quoting from Robert Plant, it really makes me wonder. Another argument follows, why is Audrey Hepburn considered one of the hottest women that ever walked the planet? It really is sheer insanity to say that she is not beautiful. But in striking contrast with the today’s standard of beauty to which Scarlett Johansson perfectly measures up, Miss Hepburn does not exude heaping sex appeal. Even less that eye-catching figure, the body that makes guys whistle. But instead she has a royal beauty that only Hans Christian Andersen could have described better. Still, she is hot if I am to be asked. I know none would disagree to that.

Upon the deliberations, I now reckon that the real meaning of vague is utterly vague. I do not mean to offend the media giants and the magazine magnates and their proponents. But for me, the real definition of hotness cannot be dictated by such beauty authorities, although they can serve as references. Sexual or not so sexual, intellectual or plainly physical, the definition of hotness lies in the perception of the beholder. Hotness associated with bodily appeal should not be condoned, and neither should hotness embedded in subtle beauty. Whether it is action star looks or nerdy appeal, it can be adjudged as hot. Whether it is Vogue-worthy beauty or Virgin Mary-like appeal, beauty can be described as hotness, and vice versa. It is in the eye of the beholder. The true meaning of hotness is always hanging, about to be said, about to be heard from anyone’s mouth and cannot be classified as definite.

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