17 Oct 2009

Essays on The Last Battle

It is in this book that the final fight for of Narnia begins.  An Ape named Shift has talked a donkey into wearing a lion’s skin and pretend to be Aslan. Shift then makes the Narnians believe that he speaks for Aslan and begins to cause trouble by making the Narnians work for the dreaded Calormenes.  The King of Narnia calls for help when he is captured and imprisoned for not believing the lies and pulls Jill Pole and Eustace Scrubbs back into Narnia to help and the final battle begins.

The Last Battle is the seventh and final novel in the Chronicles of Narnia, written by C.S. Lewis.  In it, Lewis brings all the characters from Earth back to Narnia, in part for them to assist in the final battle, and in part to give them their reward for the heroic services they have rendered to Narnia.  Many feel the conclusion of the book is anti-climatic, to the point of some calling it “campy.”  In truth, Lewis was under pressure to “finish” the series by his publisher, leaving him little time to adequately prepare this final novel, which even he expressed disappointment in its quality.

The plot of the novel seems heavily influenced by Lewis’ religious beliefs, though Lewis himself denys this.  As a Christian, Lewis firmly believed that Earth would one day face an anti-Christ, as described in the book of Revelations.  Seeking an equivalently dramatic event for Narnia, Lewis turned to this concept as the basis of The Last Battle, creating an anti-Aslan who was nothing more than the puppet of Shift.  Shift used this false Aslan to convince the Narnians to follow his orders, which naturally were designed to increase his power and luxury.  This is a common course of those who obtain such power, with the lesser citizens being left to pay the price of their wanton excesses.  It is only when all seems lost that Aslan appears and leads his believers back to the original garden where the story of Narnia began, again seeming to reflect the parallel of Christian values contained in the base story of and belief of our return to the Garden of Eden.

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