27 Oct 2008

Essays on Animal Husbandry

Spending my early years living in rural Texas, the sight of horses running and cows grazing were so common that I did not give them much thought, other than perhaps how I might convince a neighbor to let me ride their palomino.  A major industry in our community of Killeen, Texas, was that of animal husbandry – the care and raising of farm animals.

Animal husbandry is actually an example of a multidisciplinary field.  Caring for animals goes far beyond simply throwing some hay into a trough and filling a cistern with water for the cows.  Those practicing animal husbandry wear many hats, from being a carpenter, building the housing and shelters for the animals, to and accountant keeping tabs on the cost of feed and the price the animals are going for in the current marketplace.  In the opinion of most, animal husbandry is as complex as investment in stocks and bonds with many saying that animal husbandry is more complex.

Most experts in animal husbandry focus on one particular type of animal and frequently on a specific subset industry, such as dairy farming.  This allows them to gain efficiency in the specific animal husbandry market they serve, but many argue that they do so by sacrificing diversity, making them more vulnerable to market fluctuations.  Individual communities and regions following this same trend become vulnerable to environmental concerns as well, such as global warming-related climate change.

  • There are only a handful of publishing firms supplying books and materials on the subject of animal husbandry, but a wide variety of outreach programs supporting the industry.  Examine some of the academic and governmental resources on animal husbandry and determine whether the available resources are adequate to support an industry as diverse as animal husbandry.
  • There are many threats to animal husbandry specialization, comparable to the threats against monoculture farming.  Describe some of these threats, evaluate the potential impact of each, and offer recommendations for action to mitigate or eliminate the threats.

In schools, there are many organizations supporting continued development of animal husbandry skills and knowledge.  From 4H to FFA, each of these organizations focuses on hands-on skills in farming and animal husbandry, but frequently at the sacrifice of writing and other critical skills.  Our writers, such as myself, come from many backgrounds.  Some have grown up on farms and in rural communities, witnessing firsthand the dynamic environment of farming and animal husbandry.  This has given us a unique position in being able to provide knowledgeable and comprehensive essays and reports on agriculture, farming and animal husbandry.

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