17 Oct 2009

Essays on Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian is the second novel of the Narnia Chronicles, taking place (in Narnia time) centuries after the events of the previous novel (though for the children it has only been a few months on Earth).  As the story begins, Prince Caspian, heir to the throne, is chased out of his home by an attempted assassination by his Uncle who just had a son that he wants to be the heir instead.  As Caspian escapes into the woods he finds himself facing Narnians, who had been thought to be extinct.  During this event, Caspian blows upon Susan’s horn (from the first novel), triggering a magical spell that returns Peter, Susan, Lucy , and Edmond to the land of Narnia, though he does not know that this is the power of the horn when he uses it.  With the help of the original kings and queens of Narnia, Caspian turns to face his uncle in a battle that will determine the future of Narnia, and transform Caspian from a child into a king.

C.S. Lewis’ style of fantasy and adventure continues with Prince Caspian, second novel in his famous Chronicles of Narnia series.  In this novel, Lewis explores the effects of power and the tendency of man to corruption when in possession of excessive power.  During the course of the novel, Lewis presents this concept at several points, beginning with the assassination attempt by Caspian’s uncle seeking to legitimize his claim to the throne by officially becoming the king upon Caspian’s death.

The primary character in this novel is Prince Caspian, heir to the throne, who discovers the power-hungry ambitions of his uncle, Miraz, who assassinated Caspian’s father to take the throne.  Miraz is content to keep Caspian as his assumed heir until the night his wife gives birth to a son.  It is at this point that Caspian realizes the full truth of his uncle’s evil.  Caspian ends up forced to blow Lucy’s trumpet which summons Lucy and her siblings back to Narnia, adding another level of conflict in addition to the hope of resolution to the first conflict.  Caspian at first feels the original kings and queens might be a threat to his claim to the throne.  The temptation to act upon this “threat” to his authority (power) and his subsequent overcoming of this exposes the rapid development of Caspian’s character and worthiness of being the future king of Narnia

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