17 Oct 2009

Essays on And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None is a mystery novel regarding the death of 8 guests and 2 workers in a home.  The guests were invited for many different reasons, but all learn that it wasn’t for the reasons they had thought.  As they sit for dinner, they find out that they are being accused of a murder, and one by one, the guests begin to have accidents in conjunction with a nursery rhyme called ten little Indians.

And Then There Were None was written by the well-recognized Lady of Mystery, Agatha Christie.  Christie began writing mysteries after her daughter’s birth and proved a prolific author but her divorce from her husband of fourteen years seemed to mark the end of her motivation to write.  Although Christie wrote many mystery novels within her life, “And Then There Were None” is recognized as one of her most famous works. In addition to having a movie based upon the novel, the novel also seems to have been the inspiring force behind a Broadway hit comedy entitled “Something’s Afoot.”

The characters within “And Then There Were None,” at first, do not seem to have anything in common.  Yet by the end of the novel, their relation is startlingly clear.  The guests that were invited were Judge Lawrence Wargrave, Vera Claythorne, Philip Lombard, Dr. Edward George Armstrong, William Henry Blore, Emily Brent, Macarthur,  Anthony Marston, and Issac Morris.  Each of these guests, it is learned, have a secret, one that their host feels has gone unpunished.

And Then There Were None explores the concept of crime and punishment, in particular undetected, unreported or unpunished offenses.  The host of the party, upon learning of his impending death, chooses to go out with meaning by bringing people he believes have evaded punishment to justice.  This vigilante attitude has arisen to a position of prominence in recent year in the form of Hollywood’s “Saw” movies, which are about to be increased to six at the time of this writing.  It was through this novel that Christie established her position on the issue.  Though she wrote incredible, vivid tales of mystery, Christie was firmly against vigilantism.

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