12 Jan 2009

Essays on Little Women

Like many great American novels, Little Women (written by Louis May Alcott) focuses on the dynamics of character growth and development.  Unlike most, however, there are four subjects to this focus, four loving sisters who, as the first part of the novel progresses, find themselves in a whirlwind of holiday activities.  Starting from lamenting their poverty and deciding to make presents for their beloved mother, the four sisters find themselves having a Christmas that even today many people would envy.


The second part of the novel begins several years later, focusing on the dynamics of romantic themes so effectively that Little Women is still held to this day as the epitome of romantic novels.  Controversially, theses romantic themes revolve around a single man, a charming young man the girls had met during their holiday adventure years before, and progress with each of the four sisters having an opportunity to capture the young man’s heart, yet in the end, obviously, only one could keep it.


  • Little Women has found much criticism in its depiction of youthful romance due to the author having each of the four sisters the subject of the same young man’s potential affections.  Why would Alcott have done this?  How did this fact affect the progress of the story?  Could the underlying messages have been delivered without using a single paramour?
  • A subplot to the novel is the sisters’ development, particularly Jo’s development as a writer and her subsequent romantic relationship with one of her teachers from her college.  Draw out the sequence of these developments and discuss how each of them affected the character’s internal development.


Considering Little Women’s standing as one of the most significant novels in American history, the fact that Alcott never really liked it is ironic.  Alcott wrote Little Women at the request of her publisher.  Its amazing popularity caused the author to question the quality of the writing; was she writing serious, quality fiction, or playing to trite demands of marketability, resulting in works only suitable for young girls and children.  It is often said such questions can only be answered by time.  Time has spoken its judgment.


Though the book is frequently used in the study of American literature, many students have difficulty today evaluating the finer points of “Little Women.”  The social status of women today, along with their hopes, aspirations, and priorities, are sufficiently different to cause students to overlook many important aspects of the novel.


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