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Sample Essay: Merchandise That This Retailer Doesn't Stock and Should

Opportunity within the Department

All the employee and staff of Gap, Inc have goals and responsibilities and they were given a task not limited to certain categories stated in their job description. Every staff was encouraged to think outside the box and become creative in their line of work. Gap, Inc. has several opportunities in terms of their style in handling their people and giving them a positive and passionate way to become more creative and productive. Gap, Inc molds and challenges their people into a more extraordinary work. In the year 1969, Gap, Inc started by their jeans as their only product line and eighth year later they were able to become a multi billion dollar global company. The company carries three strongest apparel brands on the market namely Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic. Each brand has respective market and they were being positioned for tremendous business growth. Every department in the company is comprised with multi-oriented people and this factor brought an incredible opportunity for the entire business.

Currently, the company is carrying products that cater infants and adults and they have 1,600 stores in different countries. The Gap penetrated the international market for exposure and they were recognized as one of the leader in global retail business. They already demonstrated innovation and creativity such as their initiative to expose their products over the Internet. The Gap, Inc. is known as the inventor of American casuals. They exert extraordinary efforts to reach wide market.

The Gap P 2

Banana Republic redefines their style in apparel business as they introduced comfortable clothing for work and play. The company offers a high quality products and merchandise with sophistication.

Initiative to Maximize Business Opportunity

The entire company with its three strongest apparel brands raised the bar of retail industry and they are known for their outstanding services. It is essential for the company to maintain their special emphasis on meeting every customer’s needs. They have to establish comprehensive product collections for the wide market. Gap, Inc. need to monitor the expansions of their flagships stores and maintain unforgettable shopping experience for the people. In their retail business, it is essential to maintain the combination of style, fun and value for the brands that will be more accessible for the whole family. The Gap Inc. introduced shopping experience to their market with the combination of value and entertainment. The company needs to maintain their strong international presence and they have to monitor closely the potentials of their flagship brands.

Product Strategy

Gap, Inc. awakens global retail business and they introduced difference in their performance. The company holds a diverse group of employees and they provided tools for them to encourage them face the business with creativity and new ideas. The company gives importance to all the suggested ideas in their business. The Gap, Inc. has product lifecycle and they ensure high quality people to build each point of the cycle that encompasses range of tasks from design to distribution.

The Gap P 3

The Gap, Inc. preferred for people with big ideas, courage to face risks, with creative minds for the continuity of their brands point of view. The entire company and its three apparel brands gave much emphasis on creativity and innovation and they installed all their stores with that inclination. The Gap, Inc. is striving for the integrity of their business and they make efforts to improve their production facilities. The company operates their business with high efficiency and they act responsibly in the field. The company maintains the integrity of their service to people as well to make their employees proud in working with them.

The company is offering retail management program for their people that orients and trains them to receive hands on experience in running the business. Gap, Inc. has extensive programs part of their business strategies such as their training in merchandising, planning, and distribution, finance, sourcing and marketing. The company is allowing their people to directly influence the business by encouraging them to present their ideas to the senior management. The Gap, Inc. has competitive merchandising ability as they are closely monitoring the entire group involved in the product deliver, design, production, planning, distribution, and store management.  The company and its three apparel brands maintain best selection of merchandise as they continuously reviewing all their product lines. The entire company is executing their business strategies to improve the business and exceed their set financial goals. Gap, Inc. monitors the distribution of their merchandise into their different stores to maximize their sales. The company maintains its compliance to distribution strategies in directing the right goods to the right stores at the right time.

The Gap P 4

The Gap, Inc. and its three apparel brands namely Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Gap have to be aggressive in the implementation of their merchandising strategies. They need to work closely with their vendors and factories in tracking their goods. They need to meet their goals by combining all the important elements in the production of high quality merchandise at the most competitive price.

Marketing Strategy: (Product Description)

Gap, Inc. has three distinct brands and all of these brands don’t have hand gloves products. The company needs to manufacture all kinds of gloves since they are in apparel business. In the attached picture, this just shows the different materials that complete the product. These hand gloves are made in real genuine leather, amara, nash, synthetic materials like salrino. Hand gloves can be an interesting product for Gap, Inc., the company could also ask their customers to know which kind of gloves they preferred most. These hand gloves must be present in their stores.

Product Features

The sizes of hand gloves are measured through the length of the glove from the base of the thumb at the wrist to the hem. These are called buttons and it is equivalent to one inch. Measuring tape can be used in determining the glove size and this can be measured by extending the tape on the index-finger knuckle and bring the tape across to the other knuckles. The tape will be moved around the palm side of the hand until the tape touches the point where it started. By gently making a fist, the glove size can be determined. Typically, hand glove sizes are 6, 6 ½,

The Gap P 5

7, 7 ½, or 8 in different styles, colors, and texture. This can be in fabric styles with moderate amount of stretch such as cotton.

Hand Glove Patterns

Hand Gloves for Ladies

Plain Gloves (Size 6 – 6 1/2)

Half Diamond Gloves (Size 6 3/4 – 7 1/4)

Ripple Stripe Gloves (Size 6 3/4 – 7 1/4)

Gloves with Frilled Cuff (Size 6 3/4 – 7 1/4)

Crocheted Gloves (Size 6 1/2)

Fair Isle Gloves (Size 6 – 6 1/2)

Fureen Striped Gloves (Size 6 – 6 1/2)

Angora Gloves (Size 6 3/4 – 7 1/4)

Plaid Gloves (Size 6 3/4 – 7 1/4)

Opaleen Gloves (Size 6 3/4 – 7 1/4)

Mitts in Fair Isle, Conventional Design and Ski Figure (with charts) (Size 6 – 6 1/2)

Hand Gloves for Men

Medium Weight Gloves and Heavy Gloves (Size 7 3/4 – 8 1/4)

Mitts in Fair Isle, Conventional Design and  Ski Figure (with charts)

Hand Gloves for Children

Gloves (Sizes 2, 4, 6 yrs)

Mitts in Fair Isle with Birds (Sizes 2, 4, 6) and with Figures Design (Sizes 8, 10, 12) (with charts).

Merchandising Strategy

Modern days’ retail business strategies are focused on product displays and they wanted it to be presented a lot more than a product. It is timely for the Gap, Inc. and its three apparel brands’ stores to use the latest trends in store designs to sell their image more efficiently and create an entertaining shopping experience for their customers. The creation of updated

The Gap P 6

merchandising strategy enhances the store image, and customers think of the store as they have all their needs and wants. Through the implementation of new marketing strategy, the company and its three apparel brands were able to maintain best selection of merchandise in the market. Through regular review of all their product lines as part of the business strategy the entire company would be able to improve the business and exceed their set financial goals.


“Gap Inc.,” from the Internet Explorer Website, 25 May 2008. <


11 Aug 2009

Sample Essay: Marketing

Globalization has resulted in significant rise in international marketing. Consequently, firms’ business operations are no longer confined in their domestic walls. Firms can now avail international markets as well. To exploit this huge market firm have devised different methods of carrying out their businesses. E-business is one of the most talked about new business techniques. E-business provide a number of benefits including efficient business management, transaction cost reduction, wider customer base, easy access to international markets and so on. While big firms have been prompt in adopting this new business technique, small businesses are still lagging behind. Small firms are facing barriers to implementation of e-business including safety and reliability concerns, challenges in areas of management skills, technological capabilities, productivity and competitiveness. Concerns are, therefore, to set up appropriate business environments for e- business. In many countries, governments have set up SMEs e-business and Internet use programs. However, the major driving force behind the adoption of e-business by any firm has been the potential returns expected to be realized on the investment in e-business. According to estimation, in UK, there are around 4.3 million business units. Out of these 99.9 percent were SMEs, which accounted for more than 50 percent of employment in UK. While 46.8 percent were small sized business, around 11.7 percent were medium sized. Again, around 51.3 percent of the business turnover in UK amounted to £ 2400 billion. The small businesses contributed towards a greater share of this turnover (37 percent) compared to medium sized ones.

Benefits have to offset costs for small business to implement e-business. If appropriate measures, such as up gradation of managerial and technical skills, enhancing the reliability and security of transactions, easy access to high quality network infrastructure, are taken, then in near future the small businesses are also expected to embrace e-business strategy for receiving the befits of carrying out their business in a huge global market.

E-commerce and its scope

Electronic commerce goes a long way in supporting international business, especially by means of sales, promotion and support obtained through the Internet. This is a topic, which is heating up at the moment and has been supported by an evidence of high market capitalization of firms involved in such electronic business. (Hawkins, Best and Coney, 1998) Such growth rates are expected to continue over the future years. However, sales via Internet account till now contribute a small portion of the total sales figure especially in nations outside America.

Internet business might entail some problems. For instance, the connections are often slow and hence downloading from sites takes longer than expected. The online ordering systems are not always accessible or the server may be down. Hence the customers find this an issue of frustration, as they cannot place orders on time. Moreover there may be problems with the delivery and the system of accepting the credit card. The credit card number is often not safe and entering the number might lead to financial hazards. Sometimes customers look for non-English sites, which are not always available. Thus the language problem is there. Again high postal charges may accumulate to high shipping rates and this also pose a hindrance to smooth transaction. With further advancement in technology and the system, all these problems are expected to smoothen out.

Other obstacles include legal issues like imposition of jurisdiction on advertisements and production along with business practices. The Europeans are attracted to e- commerce in Europe since the people may access products from other nations and thus escape the local sales taxes, which are often high and almost prohibitive. It is 25 percent in Denmark and 16 percent in Germany. Sometimes firms may ship to the neighboring nations without any taxes or duties and therefore the responsibility of paying the taxes falls on the customer/ however customers who were not ready to pay the taxes and have already ordered often have to pay fines for the lapse of paying taxes.

It is often discussed that UK lags five years behind USA in electronic commerce. However, some sources say that American retailers are not successful due to factors related to the acceptability of the American English language by the British users. Again Internet access penetration rate is lower in UK than America. This is related to downloading of Asian characters and hence is often discouraging. Credit card penetration rate is also lower and at the same time, consumers are often reluctant to use them. If this e- business is further developed it might take international marketing and business to a different par altogether. It is important to improve the technological backdrop in order to make this successful and help the marketers reach the different corners of the globe with the click of a mouse. Similarly transaction can become time saving and cheaper. This will also suit the fast changing trends in working hours and pattern of life. Countries like Saudi Arabia do not provide much scope for e-business and hence physical presence of the firm or its agent is necessary in order to market the product in that market.

E-commerce can be an effective ploy to fetch more business. E- commerce is done through Internet where the customer places an order online and receives the product sitting long back at his home. Introducing e-commerce will save half the cost of freight. This is because first of all, the customer now does not have to visit the place physically in search of a product (this is quite unimportant as seldom a customer does so) and the producers engaged in SMEs will already come to know the exact demand before they shift their product. Further, they do not have to pack all the products on the ship and sail to the foreign land to demonstrate those products to the customers in order to get business. In fact the benefit offered by e-commerce is too cheap so that it can easily be undertaken by any of the SMEs and off course it offers huge potential. The above will definitely help to access new markets with ample opportunities for product and service developments as well as diversification.

However to consider e-commerce as an effective business ploy the SMEs will have to develop their own website and professional help should be seek for to undergo this development. A website will obviously come with a security problem; a crash course on how to handle security online delivered by some professional would be helpful in this regard. It would be better for an organization to keep the documents with top priority and secrecy in a computer, which don’t have any Internet Connection (to avoid any sort of hacking on behalf of a competitor).

E-business and marketing

In UK, E-business offers a wide range of benefits. It is all about extensive use of informational and communication technology (ICT). This ICT application, at firm level, can make communication within the firm faster and make the management of the firm’s resources more competent. Flawless transfer of information through joint electronic files and networked computers increases the proficiency of business processes such as documentation, data processing and other back-office functions.

At inter-firm level, the e-business has huge prospect in reducing transaction costs and increasing the speed, dependability and trustworthiness of transactions. They can also reduce inefficiencies resulting from deficiency in co-ordination between firms. Internet-based business interaction and immediate communication can decrease information asymmetries between buyers and sellers and build closer associations among business partners. Hence, if a firm adopts e-business, it would be able to decrease transaction costs, increase transaction speed and its dependability and trustworthiness, and take out maximum value from their transactions.

E-business can also act as an effective measure for improving communication between any UK firm and its customer. Corporate Web sites that offer information on products, services or technologies have the potential to improve the quality of a firm’s services to customers and are capable of attracting new customers. Information and communicable technology based e-business is also efficient in collecting relevant information regarding customers’ needs, and these information are then used to provide products and services according to the customers’ need. Therefore, this collected information can be used for developing new products/services or innovation. Under  e-business system, a well known and increasingly used technique of creating a home page having a straight link to the corporate e-mail account makes the access system easy.

E-business also implies 24 hours contact with customers living in different parts of the world. Thus the UK firms may reach out to the international clients and escape the tax system. This will help in escaping the high corporate tax, which makes UK an unattractive locative location for international investment. Therefore, business can be carried out with all its customers at any point of time irrespective of the time zone they live in. Therefore, e-business seems to be an attractive option for any firm for carrying out its business due to the global nature of e-business and having increased customer base resulting from 24 hours contact with customers living in different parts of the world.

Adoption of e-business by small firms

Across the globe electronic business is growing. But, it is still not carried out in a significant extent in relation to other economic activities of firms irrespective of their sizes. Although use of computers and Internet access is becoming widespread among firms of all sizes, business over Internet has yet to flourish.

In a number of countries small businesses use the Internet for better external communications. They also use it as a means of obtaining business information. In Japan, for example, the most common use of the Internet is general information searches. Small businesses also use Internet for communicating through e-mail. They also provide information about a company’s products, services and technologies through corporate Web sites. Internet is also used for receiving customer feedback. Sometimes small firms also get their recruitment process done over Internet. Sometimes, some regular or standard equipment required for building official some small firms also purchase infrastructure and some software required for carrying out businesses over the Internet. But only a small umber of small businesses conducts Internet e-business for irregular products.

Considering a wide range of electronic businesses to cover transactions over computer networks and inter-firm transactions, the share of e-business sales have not been very significant in its amount in the total business sector sales in most of the countries. Shares for SMEs are probably much lower than the shares for the whole economy. Buying over the Internet is more frequent compared to selling. However, both in case of purchasing and selling small firms lag behind the large businesses. The difference in performance and profit between SMEs and big firms is more when purchases are made through the Internet rather than sales through the same window. In OECD countries, Internet buying appears to be proportional and associated with firm size. The biggest firms have the highest share in the purchases. However, the propensity to sell over the Internet seems less sensitive to firm size. In Australia, Denmark and Sweden, “smaller businesses that use the Internet appear to have roughly the same propensity to sell over the Internet as larger ones”(Vickery, 133).

While many big firms have marched far ahead after introducing e-business, for small firms concern is still at the level of whether to implement e-business. Successful implementation of    e-business requires changes in organizational and management structure, which involves greater costs and risks for the UK SMEs. In addition, smaller firms may also face different kinds of incentive problems as well as scarcity of resources .It might require more time and increased resources for the SMEs in order to be able to accept strategies for e-business. However, in the near future, SMEs’ are expected to implement efficiently overall e-business strategy and normal business processes that are supported by ICTs and carried out on electronic networks and as a result a long list of names of small firms is expected to be flashed besides big names like Amazon.com.

Problems relating to adoption of e-business by SMEs

There is a wide range of problems associated with the adoption of e-business by SMEs of UK. These problems are most commonly associated with a lack of applications in business, an inclination for traditional business models, etc. However, the nature of the problems varies widely among sectors and countries. Common problems include: Inappropriateness of e-business system for the certain types of small businesses; deficiency in of availability of technical skills, qualified employees, network infrastructure; cost issues; and safety and reliability issues, ambiguity in legal frameworks, etc .

Inappropriateness of e-business system for the certain types of small businesses: One of the leading reasons behind SMEs not engaging in e-business to a significant extent is that it is not pertinent to the nature of business of SMEs operating in certain fields. For examples, small firms doing businesses in fields like construction, retailing, transport services, etc very often find most of their customers not using Internet, and preferring to receive verification and confirmation of the order they have placed for the firm’s product or service or any other information via fax or telephone. Therefore, small firms operating in these sectors find Internet based e-business as inappropriate to their businesses.

Deficiency in technical skills, qualified employees, network infrastructure: Small businesses generally lack the desired level of managerial and technical expertise required for e-business. They require expertise or qualified employees. If firms get an opportunity to afford outside technology services appropriate for carrying out its business, lack of technical proficiency within the firm is not necessarily an obstacle to the decision regarding adoption Internet e-business. However, technological capabilities within the firm still matter because adoption of e-business cannot succeed without a proper understanding of the e- business system.

SMEs may also fall back in terms of managerial perception and e-business skills. So, e-business system cannot be successfully introduced and implemented without having the creative excellence and strategic understanding regarding to appropriate applicability of information technologies for their business purposes. They also lack required network infrastructure.

Cost issues: Most SMEs will not implement e-business if the benefits do not offset the costs of establishing and maintaining the system. SMEs generally suffer from monetary constraints and they do not have very clear idea about the expected returns on the investment. Therefore, they are generally concerned about the costs of establishing and maintaining e-business. Some SMEs can also not afford to adopt sophisticated information technology system. Some small businesses, may introduce simple corporate Web site without any e-business function if they find that their budget can afford basic Internet use. E-business maintenance and up gradations can also be very costly, particularly when firms prefer a highly sophisticated, classy, and effective business operation over Internet. (Love, Irani et al. 2001, 31-40)

Safety and reliability issues: In both domestic and international markets, SMEs that do not have much publicized brand names faces the problems relating to buyers confidence in their products or services unlike bigger firms with highly reputed brand names. On-line clients view a brand or company name as an indicator of a firm’s trustworthiness. Moreover, when credit cards are used for on-line transactions, it makes the consumers highly concerned about security, protection of credit-related information and they demand highly secured transaction system over Internet. As secure transaction mechanism is more in demand by the online customers, small businesses are likely to face increasing costs for ensuring security of transactions and providing desired level of system protection. (Hall, Estimé and Creti, 1997, 117)

Legal factors: Ambiguity in the Legal framework and incompatible regulatory system for international transactions may affect SMEs strongly. There is no such legal structure that contains within its framework the rules pertaining to the determination of jurisdiction and applicable laws. Legal mechanisms also do not guarantee the cross-border enforcement of legal rulings. Small businesses, therefore, have the risk of being sued for various reasons under inconsistent laws.

Going with the technological change – Setting up an infrastructure regarding information technology

It has already been mentioned how the existing laborers can be made acquainted with the use of computers and the information technology. A possibility of e-commerce has also been discussed. However, some other facts have to be considered in order to make viable the drive of the SMEs towards the technology. First of all, a whole set of computers has to be purchased. Branded computers will have an edge on the assembled one due to their better performance. Assembled computers may come at a lower price but they suffer from frequent technical disturbances. This happens due to the mutual incompatibility of the installed hardware in assembled computers. Purchasing from a single company will definitely reduce the price and a computer company having nearby customer care center will have a definite edge while offering the tender. Presence of a nearby customer care center will ensure timely steps on behalf of the company while courting with technological difficulties.

It should be kept it mind that even accepting the technical lessons delivered to the employees regarding fixing up minor computer related problems; some problems can only be solved by expert personnel. It will be cheaper and a better option to enter into an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) with the company who has delivered the computer. On one hand, AMC assures timely addressing of the technical problems and on the other, calling a professional time and again will involve a higher cost and uncertainty. Moreover entering into an AMC with the computer manufacturing company (it refers to that company from which the SME has purchased the computer) itself will ensure quality. To look after the daily problems specially related with Internet connection, networking problem and virus attacks; a system administrator has to be employed to avoid any kind of delay, which will only add to opportunity cost.

E-commerce not only involves taking of orders and delivering it. Payment is important for any sales transaction. Hence this aspect also needs to be considered. E-commerce, an innovative selling process deserves a new kind of payment procedure. Paying through credit card would be a brilliant ploy to apply in order to receive assured timely payment. However, many a client would be reluctant to reveal their credit card number online. For that payment options like paying through Paypal may be an interesting procedure. The SME in this regard has to open an online Paypal account in which customers will directly deposit the price. It is easy and assures fast service. Also payment is readily reflected in the Paypal account. Some other options like Xoom could serve as an alternative option either but the minimum payment that can be sent through Xoom is $ 25 and it involves a far greater charge than Paypal.

When a customer purchases a product he visits a shop, pays the price and readily receives the product. In the process, the customer knows for sure that the payment will get its return or that the transaction will not fail. This is due to the ready receipt of the product during the transaction. On the other hand, in case of e-commerce, it will entail some time gap between the payment and the receipt of the product. The success of e-commerce as a viable option will depend on the minimization of this time gap between the payment made and product received. If the SME sticks to its previous product delivery method, it will only involve much more time adding to the discomfort of the customer will end up in the withdrawal of the customer from e-commerce. In order to get rid of this problem, some improved delivery systems of today, like UPS, DHL and FED-EX may be approached. All these organizations have a very good reputation in delivering products and if the product is not delivered at least it returns to the seller once again so that he can make the next try. On the other hand the customer receives the product with his signature. So he cannot deny, after receiving the product, of his acceptance. For instance, when delivery or shipment is made via UPS, a reference can be assigned to the shipment. Such references may include PO Number, Bill of Lading Number or the customer name. This is predefined and may be used to track the shipment. If the customer is an UPS account holder, then the Quantum View Manage tool would provide account-level tracking facility which will not require to remember any tracking number and would automatically send an alert e-mail when the shipment is late. There are also other integrated tools offered by UPS, which will enable the tracking of shipments.


In the above analysis efforts have been made to show that in this age of globalization where               e-business has come out as a new business technique, which has the potential to improve efficiency, small firms are still lagging far behind in the adoption of this new technique compared to large firms. Although businesses are still hopeful about e-business as an enabler to improving efficiency, reducing costs, many small businesses probably lack the time, knowledge and skills to effectively adopt e-business.

The following recommendations could make some difference:

SMEs will take up e-business technique only when benefits would validate establishing and maintaining the e-business system. Firms, therefore, need to make reasonable assessments of e-business opportunities, benefits and costs.

Accessibility to a wide range of high quality networking infrastructural equipments at reasonable prices can come to a great help to small firms in case of adopting e-business.

Business and consumer confidence in the safety and reliability of on-line transactions is necessary for the development of e-business. A Combination of reliable technologies with appropriate regulatory provisions has an ability to create an desired level of confidence in e-business.

Policies that ensure effective competition among the firms in the field of e business can be helpful.

Initiatives to provide incentives for small businesses to go on line by simplifying administrative hurdles, reducing costs and allowing them to enter new markets can be undertaken by the governments.

Managerial and technical skills need to be upgraded continuously. Therefore, small business managers and employees need to be trained effectively.


Increasing globalization has resulted in flourished global markets for all kinds of firms irrespective of their sizes. To exploit this huge market different business techniques have been invented. E-business is one of them. With the increasing extensive use of Internet, information and    communication technology based e-business has become one of the most talked about and innovative business techniques in recent times. Marketing is the most crucial sector, which has benefited most from this development.  Businesses over Internet by small firms have yet to take off. If small firms want to give a competition to the large firms in the field of e-business in various business sectors, then they have to get rid of the barriers that pose severe problems before them in case materializing the benefits of e-business exploiting the huge global market. If the measures recommended in the above analysis   could be implemented effectively then SMEs would also become important player in the field of e-business. Then what is in the womb of future? It all depends on how effectively the policies would be implemented, and how effectively they would come to help the small businesses in receiving the benefits of e- business.


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08 Jul 2009

Sample Essay: Since The Invent Of The Internet , Child Pornography Is Just A Click Away For Exploiters


“Supreme Court voted 7-2 to strike down the Communication Decency Act (CDA). It is a Federal Law which banned the distribution of obscene and indecent material over the Internet. But the law provokes widespread opposition from Free Speech Advocates and internet users they argued that the CDA will restrict Freedom of expression and would hurt the growth of the Internet. Justice John Paul Stevens wrote.” (Source: Supreme Court of the United States. No. 96-511. Microsoft Encarta 2008, 1993-2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Since we are in a democratic country which mean freedom and nothing else, now it is our call as parents to guard the innocence and immaturity of our children, either they be male or female below 18 years old or not because the responsibility belongs to us and not from anybody else.


“What is child pornography?…visual defiction of any kind, video or film, drawing cartoon, etc…depicts a minor engaging in sexually explicit…various forms of sexual activity…possession and distribution of child pornography is illegal under federal laws…”(Source: “National center for missing & exploited children” www.missingkids.com)

In other words, those are children being used as sexual objects or which are reserved only for adult activities. They are categorically describe as children and when being exploited by an adult to serve his lust and not only that but to use them in his money making activities. It is an act a lot more than rape. Generally our children needs their parents, sisters against the selfish people who earns by taking advantage of others. Regarding our computers at home, there is a computer program which blocks certain websites which contains pornography. It takes extra effort from the parents.

“…the police alone cannot…child pornography on the internet. Implementing them in partnership with other responsible private and public entities…government agencies, non-governmental organizations, private businesses, public utilities, community goups, and individual citizens.” (Source: Child pornography on the internet by: Richard Worthley, Stephen Smallbone. www.cops.usdoj.gov)

Practically the internet contains everything, but child pornography must not be included but no matter what we do preventing them will be extremely difficult. In my opinion, the individual computers at home must be programmed by blocking all sex related websites that is the only way which is to isolate and control our use of the computers. But the adults could view them since those are using passwords. But on a broader scale, people with the same advocacies, who hates indecency and specially child pornography can group together and find other means in using and viewing computers the ideal way or as what are there specific preferences and discretions.

Because computers are just like kitchen knives we commonly used at home, it all depends in who is using it, but we have adequate laws against the offenders.

“Displaying child pornography or “kiddie porn” on the internet is illegal in the United States…but several categories, depending…circumstances.” (Source: www.adultweblaw.com)

The internet is a part of our communication systems which mean a very broad application that involves both the recent and new ones and it is even growing, but the use of a child or minor in an advertisement has been clearly defined by our laws. It means one must be extra careful in employing minors because you cannot blame our laws which is overprotective of them since the purpose of the law is to assure that the country will be producing decent and productive adults (not pedophiles).

Since there are circumstances that the innocence or immaturity of the child, minors or those below 18 years old may be taken advantage of, even their parents or a member of the family, then the law will not hesitate to take action.

“Jan. 31, 2000…photos of a boy and girl…naked, posed…giggling…holding…sausages  (Italian?)…boy 8, girl 6…not touching each other, nor does the camera…not interested in their genitals…not being licked, stroked or inserted…is this child pornography?…store manager noticing the nudity and the sausages…he takes to be the law…calls the Burbank Police…warning…and said “There’s nothing funny”…photos taken are indecent, degenerate and next time, criminal…” (Source: http://archive.salem.com)

Does it suggest that our child are so delicate? I think so, because we are talking here about their future and it is not only physically but emotionally. Just like a lawyer, yet was arrested because he was molesting minors. How he become like that, it seems has something to do when he was a minor himself, a possibility that he might be victim himself. In this case the future of this lawyer is now ruined.

Since the emotional development of a child is very important. So that. If something was wrong during that period then that must affect his person when he grows. It is then the responsibility not only of the parents but also of the state to safeguard the emotional health of a child, a minor or those below 18 years of age. With a good growing up years a child will more likely be successful and happy in his adulthood years. And that is very vital to a nation.


We consider the computer as one of the greatest discovery of man. And with respect to our communication systems, it is now the internet. Since it practically connect all the people in the world. But the world or mankind in general and our society per se has never been a perfect one. When in fact we have so many imperfections despite the technological advancements we now have. That is because we acknowledged our imperfections and those are evident in the way we communicate with each other, just like man himself, there are the good and bad ones. And in the internet we can now see both of them. And the bad ones are exploiting the child or minors.

Child pornography has something to do with sex and it is the lust a person has, it is a part of our nature, a human nature in itself. Which mean all the people in the world has it as something in common to each other. Then does that suggest that it is not “bad” at all? A person who is selfish and disregarding the child which is now the “victim” who is being taken advantaged of and he or she have no means to fight back. This child therefore needs a protector and the best support he or she will get is from their parents if not possible then it must be the mother. Because when we need to compare between the mother and the father, it is the mother who shall be the closest of them all. Though we have the Laws of the state, but our law enforcers will only come when the crime have already took place and the child is now ruined, perhaps emotionally beyond repair.


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