06 Feb 2010

Sample Essay: Obama – Successful leader

Change is an essential factor for development and a leader who is committed to change can act as a catalyst in the development process. Obama is equipped with a catalytic leadership style and therefore he is capable of coming up with effective solutions in difficult situations, by inspiring diverse constituencies. Through his powerful and natural leadership abilities, he is able to coordinate the diverse constituencies in the process of decision making. The leadership style followed by Obama is against the forcing of his will upon others. Instead, consultation with opposing voices is always given priority by him (Obama-profoundly-catalytic-leader, weneedobama.blogspot.com).

The multi cultural background and the excellent communication skill are some of the important personal characteristics of Obama as a successful leader. Through Obama, a new style of American leadership is projected to the world. Obama’s promise regarding the closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison reflects his dynamic vision towards the future political decisions. His optimistic approach and positive attitude make him more courageous leader (voanews.com).

We can hope that the social conflicts and adverse environmental conditions will be approached positively by Obama, with an aim of reducing the social stratification. Stratification can be on the basis of social as well as racial factors, and economic inequality. In analyzing the social inequalities on the basis of economic, racial, and social factors the social theory of conflicts is effective. As the 44th president of the United State, Barrack Obama is expected to constructively interfere in these social issues with creative and revolutionary ideas, so that social stratification and the associated conflicts are reduced for the common benefit of the nation and its people. A gutsy and creative leader like Obama can manage the conflicts effectively.

During the campaign for the US Presidential election 2008, Obama was able to approach the voters with strong and innovative political ideas. He criticized his opponents on the basis of their unproductive and destructive policies. .As a democrat candidate he accused the Bush administration for the current economic crisis faced by the country. He also expressed his sincere views against foreign policies followed by the Bush administration, especially about the war on Iraq. Obama also had advantage being an African American who a leader is standing for the cause of working class. His opposition to policies leading to economic inequality and social stratification made him a good leader for the majority (Obama-campaign-manager, politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com).

With the positive approach to his style of leadership, Obama is able to act as catalyst in the development process of the entire nation, by safeguarding the greater common interest of the mass. As a leader he is nurturing the qualities of consultative and participative leadership, thereby upholding the democratic values. A good leader can only motivate his followers through his sincere words and actions. By ensuring the participation of the maximum possible number of people in the processes of decision making and implementation of programs will enhance the productive development. A bad leader will not tolerate discussions and may also use coercive power while imposing his decision on others. Such type of leadership styles may adversely affect the participation of the people in the process of nation building.

A positive leader can ensure the constructive participation of his followers in the organization functions, because a leader with positive ideas can motivate the people by creating a feeling of responsibility by providing them independence as individuals. A leader is always expected to do right things and for doing right things a leader should possess good leadership qualities   such as empathy, rational thinking,   communication skills, and interpersonal relationship. A positive approach to change and an ability to promote team work through the transparent policies will make the leader more effective in leading the community or nation forward. A good leader will prefer to use reward power than using coercive power while getting the work done. The resources can be utilized to the optimum level by the clarity attained through participation and consultation.

Both power and team are very important for a leader while dealing with various issues in the political context. While motivating his followers to accomplish the task of achieving the objective, a leader can exert this influence through the power he enjoys. He may use coercive power, reward power, expert power or legitimate power, as per the situation and style of functioning. Along with these aspects the dynamics of teamwork also operate. The synergy involved in the formation of a team is associated with increased level of inter personal interactions and relationships. An effective leader must be able to analyze and understand the process of team formation.  In decision making and implementation of programs a good leader must be able to carefully analyze the individual issues as well as the social issues. A good leader with positive approach will always try to avoid using coercive power. He will make use of the opportunities of consultation and participation to solve the issues through transparent communication process. In order to motivate the followers a good leader will make use of his reward power and expert power.

Emotional maturity, stability, experience, and innovative ideas will enable a leader to deal with complex situations.  While working as a team the process of sharing the needs and feelings are important and a good leader can explore the productive ideas to the maximum possible level by understanding the feelings of individual members as well as that of the entire group. A leader should be able encourage sharing the sharing of knowledge, experience, and culture of his followers who constitute various groups.

In a very dynamic world scenario the risk taking capacity of a leader is vital while dealing with change. The courage of the leader is an important factor in risk taking and it will also be a great deciding factor in the process of initiating change. A gutsy leader will be able to ease the resistance to change. The modern day political parties must therefore, while developing it leaders, consider the guts factor as a necessary skill. As far as Obama is concerned the courage is an important characteristic possessed by him. He emerged from great challenges in his life by taking the great leaders, Roosevelt and Lincoln as his role models (timesonline.co.uk).

Obama, with his qualities enriched with factors such as human approach, empathy, positive attitude, guts to take risk, and courage to face challenges is a great leader, particularly for the US and generally for the world. His multicultural background and experiences in life combined with dynamic qualities of a good leader, makes him great and universally acceptable.


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