03 Mar 2011

Sample Essay: Holisitc Paper

FP is 86 years of age and is a Caucasian female of Lutheran faith and Swedish heritage. She presently lives at Cerenity Senior Care in White Bear Lake, MN. She was born and brought up in Scandia, MN and lived with a big family comprising of her parents, five elder brothers and five sisters on a 60 acre cow farm. Both her parents also spent their lives in Scandia and were of Swedish heritage.

FP was brought up in a lower class family and suffered considerable difficulties in her childhood. However, she was immensely interested in educating herself and was able to complete High School as well as one year of Business College. Her most important role in life was to perform the responsibility of a mother although she always had the desire to become a psychologist. She was unable to pursue her interest in psychology because money was not provided to her on account of being a farmer’s daughter. However, FP did get the opportunity to study astrology and palm reading. This was something that she was able to teach herself although she did not earn a single penny from such specialization. She pursued these studies more out of a sense of achievement and accomplishment. When she was asked if she had ever made attempts to start a business of her own, she replied that “if you were not known in this trade you would not be taken seriously.” She further added that “Plus I was a farmer’s daughter that married a Yugoslavian and nobody took me for anything.”

It is unfortunate that FP is now a widow. She was married in 1945 and lost her husband in 1996. Her husband died after he suffered from severe complications from Malaria. FP is proud of her husband and always speaks very high of him. He fought in World War II and when he returned he was suffering from a number of diseases and other problems. She mentioned that “He spent weeks, months and years at the VA in Minneapolis and that is where he died”.

Her family was against her decision to marry a Yugoslavian but FP was firm and asserted that she fell in love with him primarily because of his good height. She was proud of his 6’2 height and she admired him because he resembled Clark Gable very much. With her husband she had three children; all boys. Actually FP was desperately in need of a female child but had to stop having additional children because they could not afford more children.

FP made efforts to find a suitable job and was eventually able to find a position as a receptionist with 3M after all her children grew up and left home. FP was very happy and would often speak happily that she now felt smarter in comparison to average people but she also regretted that “there wasn’t a lot of opportunities for a farmer’s daughter”.

Presently FP has a very weak economic support system because all her family members have passed away or left her. FP does have three sons but she feels sad in mentioning that “they are delinquent and are in and out of prison”.  FP was questioned as to who takes care of her expenses and finances to which she replied, “who knows, I have no money”. While sitting in FP’s room I saw a very nice 52” Plasma TV and when I asked her about how she was able to purchase such an expensive gadget, she replied, “My delinquent son, he probably stole it.”  However, from what I have known about FP and her sons, I believe that her three sons may have been delinquent for some time but they appear to have improved now. But FP continues to stick to her opinion on the basis of the past instead of reconsidering the improvements that may have occurred in her sons with the passage of time.

On January 23, 2007 FP was admitted to Cerenity Senior Care after she was transferred from Maplewood Center in Maplewood, MN. Her doctors had referred her to Cerenity Senior Care because she was not cared for properly at Maplewood Care Center and she had repeatedly said that it was as good as trash. At the ripe age of 86 years FP had admitted that she was unable to care for herself any more and that she felt good about the help rendered to her by staff at Cerenity Senior Care. FP’s present health status is quite complicated. Her long age has made her legally blind because she no longer has the ability to make out shapes when she tries to see things. Her images of people get blurred when they approach closer to her. She has also admitted that she is unable to see anything with her left eye. To make matters worse, FP is now suffering from type 2 diabetes, because of which she has become entirely dependent on nursing staff to be administered insulin three to four times a day. FP’s old age has caused her to develop further complications by way of hypertension and depression for which she is receiving treatment. It is not known when she contracted this ailment but she is being given treatment with medications. It is evident that FP had been suffering from all these complications much before she was transferred to Cerenity Center and it was only because she was not happy with the treatment and care that she sought a transfer.

23 Feb 2011

Sample Essay: The Unemployment Rate Among Young People

Nowadays, the number of young people that are unemployed has exploded significantly. Analysts believed that this scenario will bring negative impact to millions of young people upon losing their lifetime earning potential. Thus, this event holds the chance of many young people to take their transition of being productive citizens. There are reports that “the unemployment rate of 18 to 35 rose significantly” (CBC, 2011). Apparently, until now most cities have no clear economic recovery plan particularly in the creation and improvement of entry level jobs. This paper aims to explore on the factors that caused high unemployment among young people.

Causes of High Unemployment among Young People

Based on statistics, unemployment rate among young people has been steadily rising and analysts forecasted that this event will remain at its peak for the succeeding years. Thus, the ration of unemployment rate further increased during the recent recession and until now there is still no sign of slowing. It is prevalent among young people to receive temporary work contracts and most often they are the first to eject every time companies wish to reduce their people. Furthermore, many young people are often forced to work in sectors like construction and other related works wherein they are asked to spend larger amounts of time, with much physical tasks, and lower earnings. In the analysis, “one of the major contributory factors is the recession causing young people to have slimmer chance to find long term and stable jobs” (Kerr, 2011). Another distinct factor for this event is the insufficient support coming from the government to give emphasis on unemployment among young people, and assist them in finding work. There are also findings that significant numbers of young people are at risk due to poor educations and low skills. It seems that the government is lacking effective support to young people such as in giving apprenticeship programs. Furthermore, it shows that local economies are more centered on finding cheaper labor so majority of them tend to import people. Several analysts believed that rapid globalization created uncertainty and insecurity among countries with vulnerable situations considering that globalization will only open the way for much cheaper labor force and more experienced workers. Overall, many young people have to face stiff competition in finding stable jobs since most work opportunities are also being offered to wider applicants. Their chances of entering into a more stable work are lessened and as a result many young people failed to gain a firm foothold in the labor market. Most of the young people ended up in dead end jobs with limited protection, low paid jobs, and poor quality jobs. There are reports that many young people don’t have enough knowledge and skills which are necessary for social development and economic growth. It shows that many countries are lacking enough attention on education and training systems which are crucial in fostering the development among young people to succeed in labor market. In this context, schools and educational institutions have important roles in creating values that will prepare young people to adapt rapid changes in labor market and have competitive advantage. In the statistics, many young people are being affected by the rapid changes in labor market along with the obsolescence of their skills.


Overall, unemployment rate for many young people continue to rise considering that most educational institutions neglect to give further attention on values concerning lifelong learning (Kerr, 2011), business competitiveness, and continuing employability of workers. It shows that the government has crucial roles in assisting the young people to find stable work and giving them essential programs to further improve their competitiveness in the labor market.


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