17 Oct 2009

Essays on Gulliver's Travels

In Gulliver’s Travels, an English surgeon decides to go traveling and ends up having many interesting and, as he learns later, unbelievable adventures.  Each of his four trips sends him into four different territories that most would believe could never exist.  Each of these territories explores a difference aspect of human behavior.  In his first adventure he is captured by tiny little men.  In his second adventure he ends up as a play thing of giants.  In his third adventure he lands on an island full of theologians and academics.  Finally his last adventure lands him on an island where horse like creatures rule and yahoos, human-like men serve the horses.  It is a story regarding intrigue, adventure, and learning about oneself.

Gulliver’s Travel was written by Jonathon Swift.  Jonathon Swift was the oldest son of a English lawyer.  He was born in 1667 in Dublin, Ireland.  He attended Trinity College at the age of 14 and stayed for 7 years.  He became the secretary of Sir William Temple who was a member of the whig party.  Though Gulliver’s Travels was mainly written as a way to put Swifts own adventures into words, the final copy of the book was not written till 1736, having taken a full ten years to be completed.

In Gulliver’s Travels, Swift used a wide variety of characters to represent various aspects of human nature.  The interaction between Lemuel Gulliver and the people of the islands he visited demonstrate the harmful nature of many typical human behaviors.  The Emperor of Lilliput, for example, demonstrated man’s tendency to fear things larger than himself.  Though this was illustrated by the physical differences between Gulliver and the Emperor, this tendency can be present when facing abstract concepts such as academic or professional projects.  In the land of giants, Brobdingnag, mankind’s tendency to bully those weaker than ourselves was demonstrated. On the island ruled by horses, Swift explored the concept of slavery and social status, though this was cleverly cloaked by the use of horses as rulers instead of other men.

I save Gulliver’s experience with the island of theologians and academics (his third adventure) for last for a reason.  This encounter demonstrates a matter of human nature that students can easily recognize – academic supremacy.  As Gulliver experienced patronization by the theologians and academics, student frequently are addressed and treated in patronizing fashions by their instructors.  This often becomes clear when professors assign research and writing assignments.  Most students find that their instructors not only expect them to be able to effectively research topics, but to communicate them effectively, a talent that few students have in measurable quantity.  This is where companies like ours come in.  With our talented staff of dedicated writers, we are able to supply essays and articles on almost any academic topic.  All you need to do to take advantage of their skill is to place your order today.

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