01 Oct 2009

A Christmas Carol

The Christmas Carol is a story about Scrooge, a man who hates Christmas and therefore takes it out on everybody else.  In order to keep Scrooge from falling further into his own madness and meanness he is visited one night by three ghosts that are sent to teach him what he is doing wrong and how he can fix it.  Each of the ghosts brings him into different times of his life.  The first ghost is the ghost of Christmas past, then the ghost of Christmas present, followed by the ghost of Christmas future.  The first two ghosts seem to have little impact upon Scrooge, but visions of his future affect him so greatly that come morning, he is a new man, on a mission to live life.

A Christmas Carol was written by the renowned author Charles Dickens in 1843.  Though generally dismissed as a novel of “lesser” import, A Christmas Carol reflects Dickens’ significant concern over the plight of England’s poor.  This concern can easily be understood, considering Dickens’ father spent several years in a debtor’s prison.  Most of Dickens’ family joined him there (an act unheard of in today’s society), but he was placed in a workhouse, laboring under terrible conditions.  Charles Dickens wrote other books with inspiring messages such as Oliver Twist, A Tale of Two Cities, and Great Expectations which receive greater recognition for their literary value.  The inexplicable scholarly dismissal of A Christmas Carol seems an enigma of academic callousness and itself may make an interesting topic for academic study.

Scrooge’s nephew Fred initiates efforts to change Scrooge at the beginning of the book by inviting him to a Christmas party.  The sad state of Scrooges mentality comes from his heated refusal to participate, scolding his nephew for such frivolous activities.  Even the appearance of his recently departed business partner, Jacob Marley, has little effect.  But when the three ghosts of Christmas begin their work, the effects on Scrooge are profound.  Reminding Scrooge of what events have led him to his present state, the pain caused by his viciousness, and the consequences about to unfold for him shocks Scrooge out of his self-loathing, destructive behavior.

Dickens work reveals the deplorable conditions many of the world’s poor find themselves forced to endure.  From rampant occupational exploitation (reflected by Scrooge’s refusal to keep the office at any level of “comfort” to the limited or non-existent access to medical care (reflected in the depiction of Tiny Tim) the poor of England struggled to survive.  Comparative analysis of these themes between their depiction in the novel and today’s state of poverty can easily be drawn, revealing that though concerns for the alleviation are nothing new, major work still needs to be done.

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