12 Nov 2008

Essays on Frankenstein

The Year Without a Summer was in full swing as British author Mary Shelley put ink to paper, penning the first few words of Frankenstein, an epic novel that would become an immortal favorite in literary, academic, and entertainment circles that even today is the basis of nightmares, horror films and even a few comedy films. The cold, dreary conditions of 1816 established the environment that inspired Mary Shelley’s descriptions in Frankenstein.

Frankenstein presents a broad range of potential essay themes. In the early 1800s the scientific and technological community was under heavy attack in the British Empire by Luddite forces (those opposed to technology), an environment depicted glaringly in Frankenstein’s theme of scientific experimentation gone wrong. Dr. Frankenstein’s monster also exhibits the fundamental human need of companionship and emotion of remorse during the course of the novel. Frankenstein also presents the haunting effects of an individual’s past mistakes which, if left unaddressed, can ultimately cause their destruction.

The dark themes of Frankenstein have inspired generations over the past two centuries with the story being translated, retold, and translated into many different movies, including several comedic versions. The theme of scientific experimentation going wrong has also been the basis of many non-Frankenstein literature and entertainment forms.

  • Expand on the concept of scientific experimentation gone wrong. What fears does Frankenstein present and how do those fears compare with today’s fears of uncontrolled technology and scientific experimentation?
  • Analyze the psychological aspects of Frankenstein. Explain how the “monster” demonstrates its human origin.

Mary Shelley created a novel so profound in its themes that its prose and force has survived for almost 200 years. The themes of Frankenstein have been cited as inspirational to thousands of medical professionals. Perhaps not what Shelley had in mind when she wrote Frankenstein, but a significant fact none the less.

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