07 Oct 2009

Sample Essay: Research:Mixing Stimulants With Depressants

Alcohol,  the most widely sought after stimulant that is being used and consumed ever since civilization saw its dawn, is today the most critical element that threatens the social, economic and moral harmonics of our  surroundings. When on one hand the liquid is an indispensable asset for numerous chemical experiments and the production of uncountable products that we use so commonly in our everyday lives, the same is again on the other hand a serious threat to the sustenance of calm and health in our society. “Most people aren’t even aware that some energy drink manufacturers are adding alcohol to their beverages,” said Pat Bird, Utah County Division of Substance Abuse prevention coordinator. “They can be extremely hard to identify, using such phrases as ‘malt beverage’ and ‘A-L-C by weight’ to indicate they contain alcohol.”( Utah County Health Department.(2005)

Consumed moderately, alcoholic beverages cause relaxation and are even on many occasions vital medically prescribed drugs, especially for coronary cardiac ailments. Consumed in excess however, alcohol poisons the human living system and is considered a most dangerous health hazard that ruins man of his health, wealth and family, leaving him diseased and destitute.

Undoubtedly enough, stimulants and depressants stand first in the list of the major causes of mental and social illnesses today. Alcohol and stimulant abuse may be defined as a state of a person’s life when the consumption of alcohol interferes with his or her effective physical, social, or economic functioning. This abuse is very rapidly, becoming an extremely difficult problem to sort out in the society, especially when liquor consumption cannot be entirely be abolished be banned by the law. Statistics from all over the world reveal that most incidents of road accidents, homicides and suicides occur as a result of alcohol and stimulant abuse. Moreover, most social and domestic sicknesses like job absenteeism, spousal and child abuses and crimes against valuable property have been experimentally and statistically identified to be consequences of such abuse.

Several surveys and findings reveal the existence of more than around 17 million alcohol abusers in the United States (The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism), of which between 12 and 14 million are adults who are chronic alcoholics. The result is the death of not less than one-tenth of a million Americans each year. And the worst side of this fearful truth is that the numbers are rising in an increasing rate.  Other statistics also reveal that several of the couples that left each other in the United States in the past ten years or so, had a member addicted to alcoholism.

The curse of addiction to depressants not only does demolish the addict but his family and loved ones is more to suffer as well. When a parent or both are alcoholic, it is very easy for the child to walk the wrong road. So it’s not only the seventeen million addicts we are talking about, it is their entire families, friends, acquaintances and in fact every single individual in touch with the person who is affected.

When consumed moderately and under control, the aftermaths of alcohol consumption generally leads to a mild prosthetic effect causing relaxation and stress relief. However, when consumed in excess, the same may lead to complete losses of coordination, vision, balance and speech, all these being signals of acute alcohol intoxication. Most law-enforcement agencies regard a meager .08 percentage of alcohol in the bloodstream as evidence of intoxication but larger amounts of alcohol in the blood can lead to the impairment of the brain, damage of the liver, unconsciousness or even death. An extreme overdose, leads to alcohol poisoning that can be fatal.

Several factors come into account when we speak of the causes of alcoholism and stimulant intake. They can be genetic and hereditary. Physical, psychological and environmental factors are as critical. Experiments and researches over the past 30 years say that a person’s risk of getting addicted about five times more if a parent is alcoholic. However, quite a few exceptions have also been noticed. Consumption of alcohol, although only for a few hours produces a prosthetic effect that momentarily increases the reaction time to the incidents around. This is the basic reason why alcohol abuse brings numerous road accidents every day. Not only do depressants affect the human body physically but they bring numerous mental and psychic ailments and disorders too. Most chronic in takers tend to get detached from society gradually as consumption increases.


The abuse creates dejection, frustration and panic almost unconsciously. Surveys conducted all over the world bring into light a common fact, a fact that most addicts tend to gradually move out from their social and domestic lives, that includes their general schedule, their family, acquaintances and loved ones, either consciously or otherwise. The most common symptoms of addiction to chronic alcoholism with stimulant abuse are depression and unhappiness, sleeplessness, losses at work or study, poor judgment, fluctuations in mood and other common health problems. Most alcoholics drink to combat personal problems with family and society. There are also evidences of heavy drinkers experiencing memory blackouts during or after drinking.

Almost all scientists and doctors define chronic alcoholism as a progressive and potentially fatal disease.  They characterize alcoholism by an incessant craving for, increased tolerance of, physical dependence upon, and loss of control over drinking liquor. The effect of prolonged addiction to alcohol is realized differently by others around. While some chronic alcoholics behave very drunk, others may exercise enough control over themselves to give the appearance normality and well in accordance with everyday affairs.

However, in any case, alcoholism can lead to numerous physical problems including hypoglycemia, brain and heart damage, end-stage liver damage, high blood pressure, enlarged blood vessels in the skin, pancreatitis and chronic gastritis.

Most chronic in takers of stimulants with depressants are devoid of adequate diets that can obviously result in acute nutritional deficiencies due to fluctuations in the balanced diet. Alcoholism can also lead to the damage of the fetus in pregnant women and impotency in men. An elevated risk of cancer of the breast, esophagus, liver, larynx, stomach, pancreas and the upper gastrointestinal tract are common consequences of prolonged chronic alcoholism.  Most consumers of depressants typically incur liver mall functions and are openly prone to cirrhosis.

It is often very difficult to come out of addiction to depressants. The task becomes certainly easier if family and friends support from behind. Perhaps the best way to deal with chronic alcoholics is to talk smoothly to them, in a non-judgmental way about our feelings concerning the person’s drinking. Addicts tend to become very rigid about their drinking and try to rationalize and justify their habits. So instead of accusing them and blaming them for their irresponsibility, trying to convince them and make them realize that such addiction shall eventually ruin their social and domestic life circle would be a better idea.

And finally, we must never forget that every individual, an addict to depressants or not, is hungry for love and affection, this certainly being the most common reason for people to indulge into alcohol addiction. Every addict has his or her own reason to have indulged into the habit. We must try to understand the problem and reason and then try to help him escape the hell.


Utah County Health Department.(2005) Mixing Stimulants And Depressants Is A Growing Trend In Energy Drinks Retrieved July 25, 2008 from


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