15 May 2012

Essay Topic: Acknowledgement to the Staff of Laser Quest for Providing the Quest for Success Team Works Program


The Blue Wolves baseball team has been in a constant losing streak for a period of six months and the managers do not know why. The managers went to a game and found out that the baseball team has constant arguing among themselves and disorganization.


The aim is for the Blue Wolves baseball team to learn how to communicate effectively, learn how to cooperate with each other, and establish organization so as to work together to win more games.


The objective is for the Blue Wolves baseball team to go to a recreational event called Quest for Success Team Works Program that focuses on practicing communication skills, teamwork, effective leadership, and organization. The outcome would be that the Blue Wolves baseball team would play well and win more games.

Development Assets:

X Communication X Organization
X Team Work X Leadership
X Cooperation

Number of participants: 15

Location of program: LazerQuest Downers Grove, IL.

Number of staff: 2

Risk Management:

The staff at LazerQuest will make sure that the game arena is clean and free of objects that will cause harm to the participants.

Charge fee: $170 for group packages

Promotion, partnerships, sponsorships: N/A

Budget: $100 for food and drinks

Method of evaluation:

The training professional for the Quest for Success Team Works Program will evaluate how the Blue Wolves baseball teamwork together in playing lazer tag as a team by video recording the game, and therefore telling them points they need to work on or have achieved after the game.

Program Content:

Quest for Success Team Works Program includes a workbook, video, strategy, and discussion sessions that is used to explore learning concepts. Before the lazer tag game, the Blue Wolves baseball team will watch the video on teamwork skills, which they will then write notes on. After the video, the training professional will pass out workbooks and the Blue Wolves team will answer questions in the workbook that was brought out in the video. Then the training professional would have the coach to map out a game plan for the rest of the team to win the lazer tag competition. He will also allow the rest of the team to have their input on how to go about on the game plan. Then after the Blue Wolves team has finished discussing their game plan, they will go into the Lazer Tag game arena and implement what they have learned from the video and workbook into a team effort to win the game. After the game, the Blue Wolves team will go back into the discussion room and watch the recorded video of them playing. The training professional will ask questions of what they did as a team in order to win the game and will encourage them to implement those same teamwork skills when they are playing baseball games. If the Blue Wolves team has lost a game, then the training professional will ask them what do they think went wrong in the game arena after showing them the recorded video. The Blue Wolves baseball team will then discuss the problems and try to implement those resolved problems into their next baseball game.

Time Line:

The Quest for Success Team Works Program is only half a day, from 1 pm to 6:30 pm on Saturday.

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