22 Jun 2010

Sample Essay: Articles From Journal and Magazine

The issue of universal health coverage has been discussed by highlighting the advantages of the health reforms along with opposing views from the critics, who consider it as a waste of money, especially, in the ongoing economic recession (Gruber, “Universal Health Insurance Coverage,” par. 1). It was emphasized that the universal health coverage would help the state governments to improve upon the existing infrastructure in health care for children, including the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), through the funds made available by the federal government (Gruber, “Universal Health Insurance Coverage,” par. 3). Such incentives that “make affordable health insurance available to lower-income families would improve not only the health of these families but also the health of our economy” (Gruber, “Universal Health Insurance Coverage,” par. 4). It is true because the poor section of American population would be able to get preventive care and treat the disease at an early stage when the health care costs would also be the least. Besides, the provision of universal health coverage would ensure better productivity of the workforce, who would have unhindered access to other small-size companies that could not offer health insurance to their employees (Gruber, “Universal Health Insurance Coverage,” par. 5). Moreover, these optimistic reforms, which would need $50 billion of investment for 5 years, would replace the unorganized infrastructure by computerized health care records, thereby, creating more employment opportunities for highly skilled professionals (Gruber, “Universal Health Insurance Coverage,” par. 6). It was concluded that the health care reforms bill on universal coverage must consider the ways to control the health care costs, just like The Netherlands and Switzerland had done successfully (Gruber, “Universal Health Insurance Coverage,” par. 10). This article was taken from a reputed professional journal of medicine, namely, “The New England Journal of Medicine” and is highly reliable because it is published by Massachusetts Medical Society, which is an accredited professional organization. In addition to the above reliable article, the other two sources from its bibliography are mentioned in the “Works Cited” page (“America, embrace health care reform” and “Medicare Spending for Previously Uninsured Adults”).

46 million Americans, which comprise 15% of the American population, lack the basic health insurance (Curry, “Everyone into the risk pool,” par. 4). Since these poor Americans cannot afford to pay for their health care, they procrastinate their visit to the doctor, and hence, they do not make any use of preventive care, including diagnosis and early treatment. Consequently, this puts a burden on the health care system and the national economy when these poor people visit the emergency centers for treatment of their diseases that could have been prevented at an early stage. If every American has to buy mandatory universal health coverage, with the exception of poor Americans having less than $16,250 per annum of earnings, then minor illnesses would be treated at an early stage at a considerably lower cost (Curry, “Everyone into the risk pool,” par. 3). Since 33% of the uninsured Americans are in the age group of 19 to 29 years and 42% in the age group of 30 to 54 years, it can be inferred that 75% of the uninsured Americans are healthier and would also use the health care to the minimum (Curry, “Everyone into the risk pool,” par. 17). Hence, the overall cost for providing universal health coverage would be controlled. This article was taken from a reliable source, namely, “MSNBC.” Both the articles from journal and magazine carry authority because they have statistical data to corroborate their findings. However, the audience for journal article is medical professionals, while for the magazine article, the audience is general public.

Works Cited

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15 Oct 2009

Sample Essay: Medical Benefits Package (Standard Benefits)

Medical benefits package provides the following health care services to all enrolled veterans. It provides Preventive Care Services like Immunizations and Physical Examinations Health Care with assessments based on Screening Tests.

Other relevant provisions like Health Education Programs, Diagnosis and treatment Services, Emergency, outpatient care in VA facilities include Medical Surgery like reconstructive/plastic surgery as a result of disease and trauma are also offered.

Bereavement Counseling, Substance abuse, Hospital (Inpatient) Diagnostic and Treatment Emergency inpatient care in VA facilities Medical Surgical Mental Health,
Medications and Supplies Prescription, must be authorized by a VA provider and be available under VA’s national formulary system.

Generally, only veterans with special eligibility, such as veterans receiving Aid and poor Households would benefits, otherwise if not approved by a VA health care facility one is expected to pay a Fee Basing on eligibility to receive medications at VA expense.

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