01 Aug 2009

Essays on Jane Eyre

In the half-century prior to the American Civil War, Great Britain was enjoying a golden era, literarily speaking.  Authors such as Charlotte Brontë wove wondrous stories from high adventures to poetic romances.  In her novel Jane Eyre, Brontë takes a young orphan girl and follows her path seeking love.

Jane Eyre a young orphan being raised by her cruel aunt, Mrs. Reed, longs for a better life.  Bullied by her cousins, Jane is forced to fight back and winds up being punished by being confined to the room where her uncle died.  Her imagination runs wild and she believes her uncle’s ghost appears.  She screams and faints.  Awakening in the care of a housemaid and a local apothecary, Jane is delighted when he suggests that she be sent away to school and her aunt agrees to it.

Jane quickly learns, however, that not all is well at the school.  The headmaster is as bad, if not worse, than her aunt, but is exposed when a deadly typhus epidemic sweeps the school.  He is replaced by a group of honorable gentlemen and Jane spends a total of eight years at the school, the last two as one of the teachers.  After her years as a teacher, Jane accepts the position of governess, teaching a lively French girl, Adèle.  It is here that Jane’s heart begins to awaken.

Jane’s true desire in the book is twofold.  One is her desire for education.  Essays could be written on the novel’s depiction of girls and the lesser priorities in the education of girls historically.

Essays can also be written regarding Jane’s character, developing from a fiery-tempered youth to a loving carrying woman who is willing to marry a man, even after he has been blinded and partially crippled.

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