17 Oct 2009

Sample Essay: Israeli Monarchy and Deuteronomic Theology

The deutronomic theology is presented by the farewell speech made by Moses to the israelites. In deutronomic theology, there is the moral absolutes where the histiorical movemnets and life are worked out in. some of these moral absolutes include the righteousness and unrighteousness, the justice and injustice, and the faithfulness and unfathfulness. The book of deurtonomy is in the old testament and is simply the sermon for the calling of the israelites for them to live faithfully to the covenant presented to them and abide by God’s laws. This book has roots to the traditions in exodus and reminds the israelites of their history. The book reminds the israelites of their harsh treatment they received from egyptians where hard labor was imposed to them and were laso afflicted. They cried to their lord who was the God of their ancestors and he heard their prayers. God got them out of egypt and took them to a fertile land that had undiminishing milk and honey. According to the book of deutronomy, the israelites had to live faithfully where they had to practice social justice for the poor and also observe the religious faithfully. This is the political theology because  the national life was to be shaped according the yahwehs law. For the isralietes to live faithfully they had to obey the law and the obidience here is consindered as religious imperative as well as political imperative.

History of the israel’s monarchy

Initially samuel was the leader of the israelites whose leadership brought spiritula nd physical blessings to the people of his tribe. Later the problems arose as a result of samuel’s sons who were appointed as the judges of israelites. His sons were believed to be evil men and so the israelites could allow such kind of people to judge them. Samuels’ sons were perverts in that they were corrupt, abused power and did not follow justice. Since the these sons had abuse their power the elders demanded for a king from samuel so as to solve the current problem. At this time the israelites had God as their only true king. Samuel respected their decision and also obeyed Lords voice when asked him to do as per the eleders suggestions. He wsa then ready to anoint a king but he felt that the isralites did not want his leadership.

Samuel knew the repulcussions of anointing a new king. He told the israleties that if he anoints the king, he will force some conscirption into his army. He also told them that the king will demand very high taxes and he will also force their children to work for them. After these warnings, the israelites still wanted a king so that can be like other sorrounding nations. They also wanted a king who can judge them instead of samuel’s evil sons and also a king who can fight for them. God then talked to samuel about the first king of israel where he asked him to annoint saul as the king. Samuel annointed soul secretly because he was a young man and was unable to announce the future king to the israelites. One day some of the israelites found soul hiding among some buggages and that is where they got to know their future king. Saul then led his army where they won over the ammorites and then he was to be annointed in public. Samuel had a second thought about this and he rebuked the israeliotes by asing them if he had ever wronged them. He was sure that the israeliotes did not want his leadership and that is why they demnaded for a king. However, samuel ordered the israelites to obey their God for he has led them for many years and got the out of egypt. This then sounded as his farewell speech to the people of israel. According to samuel the israelites were disobeyed God’s law when they demanded for a king and he knew thay someday they will pay for it all.

According to the bible, the israelites have been led by three kings since the day they demanded for one. When saul was annointed he only led the israelites for only two years when God got annoyed with him and annointed a second king. King saul was diobedient in that he did not practice any instructions given by yahweh. The introduction of monarch in israel resulted to a conflict between the israelitres and God. This is because they refused God to be their only King and demnaded for a human king. This conflict then changed the religion of the israelites where the conflicting isues were the rules of yahweh and the rules of the king. The monarch then came up with another rule of of centralizing the governement particularly in jerusalem. David was the second king anointed by God after the disobedience of saul and he became the most difficult king in israel monarchy. Saul then was tryoing his bvest to kill David but he hid himself in the hills. Saul then commited suicide and after his death david came back and became the king of israel. Although saul was a sinner, David was worse than him. This is senn when he commits a gretaer crime by killing a man so that he marry his wife.

David as a king led his millitary and fpought for the israelityes where they won over the Philistines. David’s millitary wanted the israelites kingdom to become the israelites empire so that they can rule over several independent states. David as a king played a major role of uniting the israel tribes under one abosulte monarch. This monarchical governemnt comprised of not ionly the millitary campaigns but also the non-millitary affairs like judiciaries, legislation and also building. David also went ahead to build jerusalem so that it can look like a capital  of other kings. The decorated Jerusalem became rich and very large.

Later solomon was appointed as the third king of israel. He then changed the israel to something elese that was similar to other monarchies in Egypt and Middle East. At first king Solomon was the best king the israelites have ever had until troubles started emerging. King Solomon  built a very wealthy capital that was situtaed at Jerusalem. This capital had a very nice palace and  a very huige temple that was next to the palace. He then committed the greatest crime of marrying  700 wives and taking 300 concubines. In the palace, there weree imported products like the Gold copper and cedar. Due to these expensive products, it the forced him to tax his people heavily so that he can use those taxes to pay for those preoducts. There were some that weere not [paid through taxes and so he pasid them in his people and land. In his payment in land, he ended up giving approximately twenty towns to the foreigners. In his payment in people on the other hand, he paid in slave labor where aaorund 30,000 israelites provided labor as slaves to the king of Tyre. This kind of treatment to the israelites was what Samuel had told them about paying for their demand for a king.

Political influence to the israel’s monarch

The israel’s monarchy formed when a monarchy was introduced to rule israelites tribe. Due to the pressures from the phillistines and other sorrounding tribes, the isreaelites were forced to unite themselves as one state. Israel became a centralized state and some of the factors tha led to the need of a king were the threat of the philistines and also the canaanites had occupied most of the fertile land were dominating the inland trade routes. This is what made the israelites need the millitary cooperation. The nature of liofe influenced the israelites into demanding for a king because they belioeved that herding and agriculture would support the population and so they needed their entire land. The israelites knew that when they get a king they will get the land from the canaanites and herding and agriculture will stabilize the population.

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