11 Jan 2010

Sample Essay: Twilight

Critical analysis and intermediate composition

Isabella (Bella) Swan

Bella is a character in the story and known to be smart, bright but yet she is quite inept. She is a teen-age girl aged sixteen and lived in phoenix together with her mother but recently moves rain and cold Forks to stay with her dad something that had never happened before. Bella meets Edward Cullen who happens to be a teenage too but a vampire who she falls in love with. Her pale color and the claim that she has the ability to sense human blood have her mistaken for a vampire but the human mortality in her makes it an invariable theme in their relationship.

Personal character and aptitude

Bella has an extreme pale complexion, long hair which is straight and dark brown and some wide eyes with a chocolate brown color. Her lips are full but the lower one seems to be fuller than the upper one; this makes them uneven. She says that Bella has a face that is heart- shaped, narrow jaw providing a sharp chin with full lips and a slim nose.  Bella has stubby fingernail which she keeps on biting; a nervous habit she can’t stop. She has a scar left on her hand after James (a vampire) bit her; it is crescent in shape.

The Author describes the scar as being pale, ever colder with some degrees lower than the other parts of her body and gives a shining color like that one of a vampire in sunlight.  Bella gains an even more pale complexion, her eyes become blood red and the hair gets longer and reaches to her waist with a much darker brown color; she becomes tremendously beautiful. Whenever she smells blood, Bella becomes faint; this is as said in Twilight. Right through the story, Bella makes many friend; she likes and dislikes some of these friends but treats every on very nicely.

Her description is given as extremely clumsy, and falls into accidents and gets hurt all the times but all changes when she turns to a vampire. Bella feels a very strong love for Edward Cullen in her heart. She also has a great feeling of care towards his family, her mother and father Renee and Charlie respectively and also a friend of her called Jacob Black. She is selfless and this is clearly shown when she goes to save her mother without caring about her own safety even though Edward had promised to do so for her.

She also doesn’t like going to ask for help from Edward and his family because she feels like this is just a bothering act towards them. It was safer for they are vampires themselves- this was before she was transformed into a vampire. She doesn’t like dressing up, hates makeup saying that it is pain; she claims to feel discomfort whenever she puts on unfeasible elegant clothes.

She hates spending money by buying luxurious goods which makes her tell Edward not to use a single cent on her birthday and continues to say that fast cars don’t seem to have any necessity. She explains that Edward has already given himself to her and anything more will only ruin their relationship. Bella is said to have a private mind and that’s the reason why Edward cannot hear her thoughts and she is gritty to turn in to a vampire. She is an awful liar, but yet reveals an extreme acting ability in the story when she tricks her father into believing that she has broken up with Edward and that she is going away from Forks.

Another character of Bella is that she is caring and understanding and owns a desiccated sense of humor. She is stubborn and has the ability slab painful memories and thoughts; this gives her special ability as a vampire. She always considers Edward first even when it comes to herself but this is then distracted by some selfishness when she asks Edward to remain with her rather than going to fight the leech in Eclipse.

Stephenie tells us that the ‘tragic flaw of Bella in Eclipse is due to the lack of knowledge that she had. This is shown when she consistently denies having romantic feelings towards Edward but yet she comes to realize that indeed she is in love with this man.

To prove this point, Edward observes that it doesn’t scare her when she gets to know that he is a leech. She asks many questions, but does not run away as many would do; instead, Bella is very curious to know more about him. This act brings Edward to a conclusion that she holds no sense towards her self-preservation but that no bad luck follows her as he thought.

Abilities and Power

Bella says that she now has much clear view over the world after her transformation into a vampire. She now owns superhuman powers, speed, a granite-tough skin and strength just like the vampires. Bella also gains a lot of self-control just like other leeches and has the ability to run away whenever she smells human’s blood during the first hunting experience. She is also able to shield herself and others around her from other leeches and this is a special gift that she has. This type of gift that she personally owns disturbs the mind of many like, Jane, Zafrina, Edward, Aro, Alec and Kate. Bella even says that she feels like she was born to be vampire; this is due to the fact that she has a gift for she has turned into a vampire.

In conclusion, we can say that it is ironical that she has a graceful feeling even towards the vampires. Bella protects her friends and family using the shielding powers that she has and this is seen in ‘Breaking Dawn’. She also realizes that alternatively, she can always lower this shield and allow the vampires to mental their powers on her only if she chooses to do so.

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