20 Oct 2008

Essays on Military History

It is said that, at any moment in modern society, there are well over 100 different conflicts occurring in the world. These are events which are adding to the diverse arsenal for students writing about military history. Yet as the name implies, one is not limited to recent events, or even not-so recent events.

Military history is composed not only of battles and battle analyses, but of technology development, social influences, economic costs, organizational management and even personal biographical papers on famous (or infamous) wartime figures.

The history of mankind has, for the most part, been a military history, filled with violence and conquest. This military history has been fueled by many issues such as religious differences, desire for economic and political power, or conflicts over the control of critical resources. The overwhelming propensity of mankind towards violence leads many to ask if it is possible for mankind to achieve world peace or is he condemned to continue this path of military history.

Records of military history can be found as early as the ancient Sumerian empire of the Middle East. Archeological discoveries throughout the ancient world indicate a military history with multiple large-scale conflicts from the empires of Northern Africa to the lower Asian peninsulas. Though archeological digs find many things unrelated to military history, the amount of weaponry and armor found gives clear indications that the ancient world was not a peaceful one.

  • Select one example of a battle or military campaign for critical analysis. What brought on this conflict? What were the political consequences? Did this conflict trigger subsequent events?
  • Consider what inventions used in everyday society that started out under military applications. Have there been civilian technologies used in military ways the inventor might not have considered at the time of invention?
  • Since World War II, the United States has had an ever-growing military-industrial system. How has this affected the economic and society within the United States? Please note that there is a significant Presidential quote from the 1950s on this issue.

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