12 Nov 2008

Essays on Daylight Savings

In our society today, many of our habitual activities began under a cloud of controversy.  To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, when we want new policies (social habits) instituted, even if they would improve our society, we have to first teach the people.  One of these habits is that of changing our clocks during the spring and autumn seasons for “daylight savings” time.


First conceived of in the late 1700s (by Benjamin Franklin, coincidentally), daylight savings time was thought a good idea, allowing an extra hour of social and economic activities and  reducing the associated fuel costs, much the argument presented in more recent years in continuing support of daylight savings time.  The latter part of the argument is proved out by reports from utility companies who state that power consumption falls by as much as 5% during daylight savings time.


More recent studies, however, point out the fact that this daylight savings also comes at a cost.  During the first few weeks of daylight savings time, traffic accidents, pedestrian fatality accidents, heart attacks, and a myriad of other events increase dramatically, attributed to the effects of sleep deprivation caused by the one-hour loss when daylight savings time goes into effect.  Equally, the opposite effect is noted in the autumn when people “catch up” on that extra hour of sleep when daylight savings time ends.

  • Daylight savings time has been linked to a loss of cognitive function in the first few weeks after taking effect each year, hence the trend of increased traffic accidents and pedestrian fatalities in the days and weeks following the beginning of daylights savings time every spring.  What impact does this have on our society and what effect does it have on you personally?
  • Proponents of daylight savings time frequently point back to the original arguments of Benjamin Franklin to justify their continued support for daylight savings.  With the associated costs now being defined, some argue that we would be justified in setting clocks ahead one hour on a permanent basis.  Prepare a paper on your opinion of this idea, supported of course with available evidence for or against the proposal.  What effect might this permanent change have on our society?

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