14 Oct 2008

Essays on Constitutional Rights

In recent years, circumstances have grown in the United States that are leading many to be concerned about the future of our constitutional rights.  Over the years, many court cases have been fought, usually with the government arguing for limitations and regulation of constitutional rights, even though every major figure swears an oath that includes the protection of the U.S. Constitution.  Many say that Federal laws such as the USA/Patriot Act have effectively nullified any expectations of American citizens having any real protection of their constitution rights. 

So profound are constitutional rights considered that the violation of any one can be grounds of the overturning of any law or criminal conviction or the summary dismissal of any criminal court case.  The constitutional rights listed in the Bill of Rights are those rights upon which our forefathers considered all other rights not listed to be based.

The American Revolution was fought on the premise that all men are given certain rights by God that no one has the right to deny, regulate, or otherwise impede.  Among those rights were the right to life, liberty, and free pursuit of happiness.  Enough of the American colonists felt that the king of England was in violation of this concept that they were able to organize an army and a provisional government to oppose the British Empire.  With a little help from key allies, this ragtag band of freedom-seeking rebels took on one of the leading super powers of that era … and won.

Few Americans today realize our Constitution (penned in 1787) did not originally contain any statements regarding the rights of American citizens.  Initially, such rights were thought to be understood by everyone.  Alexander Hamilton asserted that a “Bill of Rights” was unnecessary:  “Here, in strictness, the people surrender nothing, and as they retain every thing, they have no need of particular reservations.”  Hamilton also expressed concern that creating such a list of rights might be misconstrued as an absolute authority, effectively denying anything the authors might have forgotten or thought too trivial to mention.  The Ninth and Tenth Amendments were added to address this issue.

  • The America people have historically considered their constitutional rights to be absolutes, yet over many decades laws have been passed weakening constitutional rights.  What are the driving forces behind this disturbing trend and how can American’s best respond to this growing threat?  Who are some of the players behind this movement?  Are their historical parallels to this trend and if so, what was the result?
  • After the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center, the United States government initiated a total restructuring of how security is handled in America.  Many agencies that one held limited powers, controlled by law, either no longer exist or have been incorporated into the Department of Homeland Security, essentially a law enforcement body that has been given almost unlimited power to pursue those it feels are a threat to the United States, including American citizens.  What are some of the tactics used by this agency that rights activists are claiming violate the constitution and our constitutional rights?

Protecting our constitutional rights first requires an understanding of what those rights are and how the government has acted regarding those rights.  Professional researchers, such as those working for us, know that to establish such understanding one cannot look only at what is happening today.  Research must be done to establish a history of thought regarding our rights as citizens.  But few people have any idea where to begin with such research.  Our writers already know and are ready to supply you with this expertise.

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