09 Jul 2011

Essay Topic: Dee Dee Myers

Dee Dee Myers was born in 1961 in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. Her parents named her Margaret Jane Myers. She is married to Todd Purdum with two children and presently lives in Washing DC. Her inspiration in life was through the presence of strong women that surrounded her especially her mother. Dee’s father was a career navy pilot who was not very much around especially in her formative years since he was involved in active combat. His absence meant that his duties were delegated to Dee’s mother who had other children to raise besides advancing her career. Her mother earned her degrees while she was married which fuelled further Dee’s ambitions to achieve something in her life. After the dad returned to civilian life from military, they moved to Los Angeles where now the mother could concentrate on her career. The different environments and people that she brushed with were very instrumental in shaping and molding her character as a feminist (Potempa 1).

A 1983 Santa Clara University graduate, Dee kicked her career life by becoming an aide in presidential campaign of Walter Mondale back in 1984. This was a move that initiated her into the world of politics and one that would eventually propel her into the world of the mighty.    According to Stateman (1), there was no turning back for her and she changed jobs within the Californian state where she indulged in state politics wholly. However, in those entire jobs one thing which was apparent was that women were not many as the politics were regarded as a preserve of the white boy’s club. One thing led to another and in no time, she joined Bill Clinton’s campaign which catapulted her to the post of press secretary in Clinton’s administration. She served this post for one year and resigned to venture into private life, journalism and mass media. In the year 2008, she decided to summarize her life experience in a book she named “Why Women Should Rule the World” (Norris 1).

Important Contribution

Myers has had a fulfilling political career which burgeoned during Clinton’s presidency and in her occupying the post of press secretary. This is not a mean feat and consequently she became the first woman to hold the post besides being the second youngest person to hold the same. Serving under bill Clinton’s administration meant that she was among the few that were in the inner circle of the president which opened unprecedented windows of opportunities. Most of the administrations events were her initiatives like Middle East peace accords and planning and the consequent passage of the president’s first budget. This is not forgetting that she formed part of the presidential entourage and delegation to different foreign countries. Her being a woman, was a quite a significant achievement which also formed the hallmark of her achievement especially in the male dominated field (Takeuchi 1).

The feminist world has been her primary beneficiary since her achievement is mainly seen in her political career. She defied all odds to rise up the ranks and become a press secretary which is an inspiration to many young ladies who would want to conquer the world. Her career in politics gave her a vantage point in political lecturing and mass media. Her political analyses and most contribution in life are women oriented although she refused to endorse Senator Clinton in her unsuccessful presidential bid. In the media world, she has consulted for the world famed West Wing TV drama series that is concerned about life in the white house. Besides all these contribution, she has written her life memoir ‘Why Women Should Rule the World’. The book is about women decisions with regards to politics and how the decisions ultimately pay off. The challenges that women go through in this unfamiliar territory for them are also articulated in depth (Norris 1).

Dee Dee Myers Influence in the World

Her achievements are further underscored by her private life where she is involved in running of private firms and chief among them is DDJ Myers, Ltd. This firm is involved in talent scouting and recruiting of personnel in the mainstream financial firms. Her work there makes her an executive leader that is recognized the world over as a coach for developing the leadership skills in upcoming entrepreneurs. The firm is also involved in perpetuation of leadership cultures through training of mid and high level leaders in firms so as to entrench good leadership skills in different firms. By such trainings, her legacy lives on through different people who can borrow a leaf from her success in life and push the same influence a notch higher. The trainings are carried out in close association with another firm that she also founded called Advancing Leadership Institute (Myers 1).

Literal work is a major way through which an artist can influence the work and Myers is no different when it comes to her participation in the media. Her contribution to West Wing TV series is instrumental in painting a picture to the public about the happening in the White House. Though this may be a fictional work of art, it has some basis on how to mould the characters and plots based on real life experience. She also contributes to Vanity Fair editorial as a contributing editor which makes her to impart the world with wealth of experience. These notwithstanding, she contributes to political debates and has her book that has been heralded as the voice of women who seem to be marginalized politically. Her public lectures on women issues also contribute immensely towards shaping the thinking of women and femininity especially to young girls who are natural born leaders (Holloway 1).

Dee Dee Myers Influence on me and Overall Achievements

Sometimes it requires taking a bull by the horns in matters that pertain to achievement and breaking traditional barriers. This is a dominant theme in Dee Dee’s life which culminates in an illustrious political career that few women have achieved. She achieved despite the many challenges that were on the way that did not frustrate her. I believe the same challenges that she faced on her way up are the same that we young people face today and we should use them to our advantage. Breaking records and achieving is not for people with negative attitudes but positive minded people who are willing to go the extra mile. A positive mentality is one of my driving forces especially looking at what Myers could achieve from an obscure past. It must have also been her attitude especially when things got thick that got her through.

Most of Myer’s talks are feministic which give a profound meaning to women’s lives and a sense of pride. Although many people regard feminists in a negative sense, I admire them in the way they make people believe in themselves like Myer does through her life, work and achievements. There are no such things as gender oriented careers but people can work anywhere provided they have the credential and experience. The world is fast changing and traditional roles thought to be for a certain gender are up for grabs by whoever is willing and ready to work. This has really enlarged and broadened my mind with regards to the scope of opportunities that are available for me in the ever contracting job market.

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