01 Aug 2009

Essays on The Time Machine

Few 19th century authors could match the popularity of H. G. Wells and his fantastic stories of adventure.  The Time Machine is one such story that captured the imaginations of the people, being cited as a major influence by dozens of modern scientists when asked what prompted the love of their chosen field of research.  Over the years the story has been translated into movie format on at least three occasions and has sparked no less than 15 published “sequels” by other authors.

In The Time Machine, The Traveler invents a machine that allows him to move through time.  Wells chronicles his travels deep into his future where he discovers many frightening and incredible sights.  He spends the lion’s share of his time in the distant future where he discovers a race of people called the Eloi.  After saving her from drowning, The Traveler begins a casual friendship with a young woman of that race named Weena.  The Eloi are similar the lotus eaters from Homer’s Odyssey.

The Traveler finds that the Eloi are not the only race of people in this wondrous distant land.  Living beneath the earth is a beast-like race of warriors called the Morloks.  When The Traveler returns to his machine he finds it has been dragged into the base of one of the statues that the Morlok use as entrances to the surface world.  His desperate, fear-filled foray into the underground in an attempt to retrieve his machine reveals the true nature of the Morlok’s relationship with the Eloi.  The Eloi are cattle for the Morlok.  They are kept well fed with fresh fruit and when the night falls they are harvested for their meat.

In the end the Morloks set a trap for the Traveler, they open the base of the statue where the machine is hidden and wait in ambush.  The Traveler escapes only by throwing the lever on his machine, sending him hurtling through time.  Travelling to other points even further into the future, he makes speculations on what The Traveler might find as the Earth and it’s solar system slowing dies over time.  He eventually returns home to convey his story to a close circle of friends but soon returns to his travels through time and is never seen again.

Most time travel novels deal with people travelling into the past.  Wells was more interested in the future.  Essays on why he might have been and how this affected his novel could prove interesting and effect speculative analysis papers.
In the 1960 movie adaptation, the friends noting the traveler’s disappearance also note that a single book is missing from his library.  An essay could be written on this by reflecting on what single book or type of book the student might take with them in the traveler’s situation.

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