01 Aug 2009

Essays on The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Few authors are talented enough to capture the attention of young children.  C.S. Lewis is one of the most successful in this endeavor with his Chronicles of Narnia series.  The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is the first of the Chronicles, though by the timeline of Narnia, The Magician’s Nephew (book 6, published in 1955) occurs at an earlier point.

In the Lion, the Witch , and the Wardrobe four siblings are sent to the safety of the countryside after the war begins in England.  One day Lucy, the youngest of the four finds an old wardrobe in an upstairs room.  Climbing into the wardrobe, she finds herself not in the wardrobe but in a snowy, forested land.  There she meets Tumnus, a faun, who when he learns she is a daughter of eve invites her back to his place to rest and get warm and have a cup of tea.  In a moment of conscientiousness, Tumnus reveals himself as a servant of the white witch, charged with capturing humans who enter Narnia.  Tumnus agrees to let Lucy go and allows her to return through the wardrobe.  When she tries to tell her siblings what happened, they do not believe her.  For them mere moments had past.

Lucy later re-enters the wardrobe, finding herself once again in Narnia, this time with Edmund, her brother, following her into the wardrobe.  Because of the apparent time difference between the two worlds, Lucy is no longer in sight when Edmund emerges from the wardrobe in Narnia.  There he encounters the white witch who tells him she is the good queen of Narnia and uses his inclinations of greed and gluttony to convince him to bring his siblings to her when he returns to Narnia.  Edmund and Lucy reunite before returning, but Edmund denies having been in Narnia to their older siblings.

Later, the four of them end up in Narnia after entering the wardrobe to avoid the professor and some of his house guests.  They learn that Tumnus has been arrested by the white witch’s wolf-guards … and that they are destined to face the white witch in battle.

Many have interpreted this novel as an allusion to the Christian crucifixion story.  Essays on the elements contributing to this impression can be strong compare and contrast papers.

This story also reveals how each of the four siblings is forced to face challenges.  Essays discussing how each of the four develops in comparison to the others abound.

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