12 Jan 2009

Essays on Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen is without a doubt one of the more remarkable writers of the 19th century.  Ironically, her first book published, “Sense and Sensibility,” was not her first book written.  Her first book written, under the working title of “First Impressions,” was published officially two years after the release of “Sense and Sensibility” under the title “Pride and Prejudice.”  Austen’s early works were published anonymously with her reasons for doing so the subject of great academic debate.


“Pride and Prejudice” follows a family of girls in their quest for social acceptance and matrimony.  As with “Sense and Sensibility,” “Pride and Prejudice” takes place primarily in Great Britain’s proud aristocratic society, filled with a wide variety of characters, ranging from the demure Jane Bennett to the flamboyant soldier of fortune George Wickham and finally to the snobbish aristocratic matriarch Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Austen brought to life the dynamic attitudes and social interactions that truly occurred in Great Britain during this time period.


  • The novel’s title, “Pride and Prejudice,” indicates a recurring theme within the novels pages.  What examples of each can be identified of each and how were they used to develop the story?
  • In the novel, three basic themes are used:  love, reputation and class.  Discuss, with examples, how each of these themes are used and how they affect the novel.


Pride and Prejudice reveals the fundamental concepts and ideas of how “genteel” society viewed love, courting, and marriage, which were all highly dependent upon one’s social status.  In many areas of our world, such considerations still play heavily upon such relationships, creating environments of discrimination and having what many consider the undesirable focusing of wealth into tight-knit families and communities.  The fictional treatment of such issues by Austen and others show an underlying rebellion against social class, reflecting the right of every individual, regardless of social status, to love and happiness.


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