19 Jul 2009

Essays on Dairy of a Young Girl

Most literary works are works of the intellect, either spinning incredible fictions to captivate the hearts and minds of the reader, or fact-filled tomes to educate them.  One literary work in particular breaks this otherwise true statement … Diary of a Young Girl.  Written by Anne Frank, the diary opens a window into the soul of the author as she experiences the tragic events of Nazi Germany’s persecution of Jews prior to and during the Second World War.

Diary of a Young Girl is the tragic autobiography of the author, Anne Frank.  It is a true documentation of what happened to her and her family as they attempted to evade capture by the Nazi soldiers who had taken over Germany and later invaded the Netherlands were her family had fled.  Presented in its pristine wordage, readers learn of the events in her own words.  Some of what is in the diary seems addressed to other people, as if it was meant for the world to see.  Other parts of the diary are profoundly personal and were, no doubt, never meant to be seen by anyone.

The diary begins when Anne was thirteen years old and ends abruptly at the age of 15.  Anne’s family had moved to the Netherlands in order to escape the persecution of Jewish families by the Nazi’s in Germany.  The diary speaks of her friendship with other girls at her all Jewish school.  As the Germans invade Netherlands, Anne and her family are forced into hiding in order to escape persecution again and the almost certain death that would follow.  They hide during the attack of their fathers shop with another family, the van Daans, and a man by the name of Mr. Dussel.  Mr. Frank’s employees help keep them well supplied with food and other things as they begin to live their life in the attic.   Anne begins to have feelings for the son of the van Daans but it is quickly squashed when her father doesn’t approve.

The diary tells of Anne’s loneliness and the hardship of living as fugitives.  The diary abruptly ends.  Anne Frank would most likely have written again the next day, but her family and the others were betrayed that night to the Nazis and arrested.  Otto Frank, being the sole survivor and ends up recovering the diary and having it published in order to show the world the hardship and despair that the Nazi’s caused during War World II.

  • With evidence such as the Diary of a Young Girl, it is easy to show that the Holocaust persecution of Jews by the German Nazis did in fact happen.  It had profound effects on everyone who experienced the events.  After reading the diary, prepare an evaluation on how the conditions Anne Frank and her family were forced to live in affected them.

The Diary of a Young Girl is perhaps the hardest of all literary works to read, particularly when the reader knows the fate that befell the author, who as little more than a child when she was murdered by the Nazis.  The Diary is a reminder that we must never let our guard down against oppression, no matter where it raises its head or what reason it gives of being.  Many students begin to feel oppressed by their higher education instructors.  Already burdened by day-to-day class assignments, many cannot understand how they can be expected to write multi-page essays, theses and dissertations while maintaining the required quality of their other course work.  Our company specializes in helping students with such problems.  Our professional writing staff stands ready to fill any academic writing assignment you might be given, regardless of topic or length.  All we need is your order.

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