09 Jul 2011

Essay Topic: Psychology in the Real World

Jared Lee Loughner’s recent shooting rampage at Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ January 8, 2011 outdoor community meeting (Simon, 2011) touched on several different aspects of psychology.  On that day, 22-year-old Loughner showed up at Congresswoman Giffords’ event and opened fire on Giffords and the crowd (Simon, 2011). The gunman took the lives of 6 and injured 14 (Simon, 2011). The tragic event scarred the victims and immediate witnesses and community and brought fear to Americans and government officials nationwide.  All at once, several news outlets and commentators struggled to find answers, blame, and solutions.  Arguments that got the most attention were the assignment of blame: Was it loose gun laws? Poor parenting? Campaigning tactics of politicians? Sarah Palin?  Many news outlets scrambled to find gossip on Loughner and came up with an abundance of evidence pointing to his apparent mental health struggles (Simon, 2011).  Unfortunately, past the shock, awe, confusion of the content of Loughner’s internet ramblings and what has theorized to possibly be Psychosis (Simon, 2011), the lesson of psychological well-being was lost.  The key to preventing future similar acts of domestic terrorism from occurring again is an examination of individual psychological experience and mental health conditions such as Psychosis.

The technical term for Psychosis is “Brief Psychotic Disorder” and is code 298.8 in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual- IV (DSM-IV) which is the standard diagnostic manual for Psychiatry (Heffner, 2003).  Psychosis may also clinically fall under Schizophrenia, a more long-term diagnosis (Dilks, Tasker, & Wren, 2010). Both Brief Psychotic Disorder and Schizophrenia involve at least one of the following: severe delusions, paranoia hallucinations, disordered thought, disordered speech (Heffner, 2003 and Dilks, et al, 2010). Although there has been no official psychiatric/medical record of Loughner’s that has been made public, it can be derived by Loughner’s writings that he may have suffered from a paranoid/delusional type of Psychosis; his writings included assumptions that time, currency, and language as meaningless illusions used by government to facilitate mind control.  In an ever-advancing technological society, a tendency to fall victim to stress-diathesis if not solely environmental psychological factors by subscribing to disordered and paranoid thoughts such as Loughner did is not necessarily rare. Although conspiracy theory alone is not dangerous, it may become dangerous if an individual feels threatened by what they perceive to be a malicious “big brother” government. Though Psychosis can be devastating, researchers have found that the condition is manageable.

In a research study on the management of Psychosis published by the British Psychological Society in 2010, researchers asked what was most effective in the treatment of Psychotic patients (Dilks et al., 2010). Researchers compiled 19 therapy session tapes, 23 Psychologist-client interviews, and 31 published accounts of psychotic experiences in order to build a qualitative study on the success and failure of different treatment methods of the disorder (Dilks et al, 2010).  It was found that individuals diagnosed with Psychosis could regain social functionality in their everyday lives with active, ongoing, and consistent individualized therapy (Dilks et al., 2010).  This research is important to the issue of paranoia/delusion-fueled violence because it provides hope in solutions for severe mental health issues.  In American culture, mental health is often stigmatized and symptoms are more often seen as markers of being asocial or “weird” instead of being recognized as the characteristics of a serious disease that people may not be able to detect in themselves let alone understand that they need and will fare better with proper treatment.  Although Psychosis does not always manifest as violence, encouragement of mental health research may promote efforts to take effective measures to increase public awareness of the importance of mental and emotional well-being and the treatment of disorders that could otherwise lead to tragedy if left unchecked.


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Essay Topic: Dee Dee Myers

Dee Dee Myers was born in 1961 in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. Her parents named her Margaret Jane Myers. She is married to Todd Purdum with two children and presently lives in Washing DC. Her inspiration in life was through the presence of strong women that surrounded her especially her mother. Dee’s father was a career navy pilot who was not very much around especially in her formative years since he was involved in active combat. His absence meant that his duties were delegated to Dee’s mother who had other children to raise besides advancing her career. Her mother earned her degrees while she was married which fuelled further Dee’s ambitions to achieve something in her life. After the dad returned to civilian life from military, they moved to Los Angeles where now the mother could concentrate on her career. The different environments and people that she brushed with were very instrumental in shaping and molding her character as a feminist (Potempa 1).

A 1983 Santa Clara University graduate, Dee kicked her career life by becoming an aide in presidential campaign of Walter Mondale back in 1984. This was a move that initiated her into the world of politics and one that would eventually propel her into the world of the mighty.    According to Stateman (1), there was no turning back for her and she changed jobs within the Californian state where she indulged in state politics wholly. However, in those entire jobs one thing which was apparent was that women were not many as the politics were regarded as a preserve of the white boy’s club. One thing led to another and in no time, she joined Bill Clinton’s campaign which catapulted her to the post of press secretary in Clinton’s administration. She served this post for one year and resigned to venture into private life, journalism and mass media. In the year 2008, she decided to summarize her life experience in a book she named “Why Women Should Rule the World” (Norris 1).

Important Contribution

Myers has had a fulfilling political career which burgeoned during Clinton’s presidency and in her occupying the post of press secretary. This is not a mean feat and consequently she became the first woman to hold the post besides being the second youngest person to hold the same. Serving under bill Clinton’s administration meant that she was among the few that were in the inner circle of the president which opened unprecedented windows of opportunities. Most of the administrations events were her initiatives like Middle East peace accords and planning and the consequent passage of the president’s first budget. This is not forgetting that she formed part of the presidential entourage and delegation to different foreign countries. Her being a woman, was a quite a significant achievement which also formed the hallmark of her achievement especially in the male dominated field (Takeuchi 1).

The feminist world has been her primary beneficiary since her achievement is mainly seen in her political career. She defied all odds to rise up the ranks and become a press secretary which is an inspiration to many young ladies who would want to conquer the world. Her career in politics gave her a vantage point in political lecturing and mass media. Her political analyses and most contribution in life are women oriented although she refused to endorse Senator Clinton in her unsuccessful presidential bid. In the media world, she has consulted for the world famed West Wing TV drama series that is concerned about life in the white house. Besides all these contribution, she has written her life memoir ‘Why Women Should Rule the World’. The book is about women decisions with regards to politics and how the decisions ultimately pay off. The challenges that women go through in this unfamiliar territory for them are also articulated in depth (Norris 1).

Dee Dee Myers Influence in the World

Her achievements are further underscored by her private life where she is involved in running of private firms and chief among them is DDJ Myers, Ltd. This firm is involved in talent scouting and recruiting of personnel in the mainstream financial firms. Her work there makes her an executive leader that is recognized the world over as a coach for developing the leadership skills in upcoming entrepreneurs. The firm is also involved in perpetuation of leadership cultures through training of mid and high level leaders in firms so as to entrench good leadership skills in different firms. By such trainings, her legacy lives on through different people who can borrow a leaf from her success in life and push the same influence a notch higher. The trainings are carried out in close association with another firm that she also founded called Advancing Leadership Institute (Myers 1).

Literal work is a major way through which an artist can influence the work and Myers is no different when it comes to her participation in the media. Her contribution to West Wing TV series is instrumental in painting a picture to the public about the happening in the White House. Though this may be a fictional work of art, it has some basis on how to mould the characters and plots based on real life experience. She also contributes to Vanity Fair editorial as a contributing editor which makes her to impart the world with wealth of experience. These notwithstanding, she contributes to political debates and has her book that has been heralded as the voice of women who seem to be marginalized politically. Her public lectures on women issues also contribute immensely towards shaping the thinking of women and femininity especially to young girls who are natural born leaders (Holloway 1).

Dee Dee Myers Influence on me and Overall Achievements

Sometimes it requires taking a bull by the horns in matters that pertain to achievement and breaking traditional barriers. This is a dominant theme in Dee Dee’s life which culminates in an illustrious political career that few women have achieved. She achieved despite the many challenges that were on the way that did not frustrate her. I believe the same challenges that she faced on her way up are the same that we young people face today and we should use them to our advantage. Breaking records and achieving is not for people with negative attitudes but positive minded people who are willing to go the extra mile. A positive mentality is one of my driving forces especially looking at what Myers could achieve from an obscure past. It must have also been her attitude especially when things got thick that got her through.

Most of Myer’s talks are feministic which give a profound meaning to women’s lives and a sense of pride. Although many people regard feminists in a negative sense, I admire them in the way they make people believe in themselves like Myer does through her life, work and achievements. There are no such things as gender oriented careers but people can work anywhere provided they have the credential and experience. The world is fast changing and traditional roles thought to be for a certain gender are up for grabs by whoever is willing and ready to work. This has really enlarged and broadened my mind with regards to the scope of opportunities that are available for me in the ever contracting job market.

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12 Nov 2008

Essays on Daylight Savings

In our society today, many of our habitual activities began under a cloud of controversy.  To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, when we want new policies (social habits) instituted, even if they would improve our society, we have to first teach the people.  One of these habits is that of changing our clocks during the spring and autumn seasons for “daylight savings” time.


First conceived of in the late 1700s (by Benjamin Franklin, coincidentally), daylight savings time was thought a good idea, allowing an extra hour of social and economic activities and  reducing the associated fuel costs, much the argument presented in more recent years in continuing support of daylight savings time.  The latter part of the argument is proved out by reports from utility companies who state that power consumption falls by as much as 5% during daylight savings time.


More recent studies, however, point out the fact that this daylight savings also comes at a cost.  During the first few weeks of daylight savings time, traffic accidents, pedestrian fatality accidents, heart attacks, and a myriad of other events increase dramatically, attributed to the effects of sleep deprivation caused by the one-hour loss when daylight savings time goes into effect.  Equally, the opposite effect is noted in the autumn when people “catch up” on that extra hour of sleep when daylight savings time ends.

  • Daylight savings time has been linked to a loss of cognitive function in the first few weeks after taking effect each year, hence the trend of increased traffic accidents and pedestrian fatalities in the days and weeks following the beginning of daylights savings time every spring.  What impact does this have on our society and what effect does it have on you personally?
  • Proponents of daylight savings time frequently point back to the original arguments of Benjamin Franklin to justify their continued support for daylight savings.  With the associated costs now being defined, some argue that we would be justified in setting clocks ahead one hour on a permanent basis.  Prepare a paper on your opinion of this idea, supported of course with available evidence for or against the proposal.  What effect might this permanent change have on our society?

Benjamin Franklin, the father of many things including daylight savings time, is often cited as being oddly wise, considering his purported character flaws.  He is, to me, a living example of how one might be a leading figure in one aspect, but prove to be only human in others, much as students find out about themselves when they discover a lack of time management or writing skills that prompts their need for assistance in writing essays, term papers, and the seemingly endless other writing assignments given by their instructors.  Our staff of writers fully understands this problem and is ready to assist you with essays on any topic, including argumentative essays and opinion papers on daylight savings time.


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Essays on Closing Societies

Events of recent history are an exercise lesson in the meaning of an ancient Chinese Curse:  “May you live in interesting times.”  Events in the world, technological, social and political, are leading us towards an unprecedented string of closing societies.  Closing societies are characterized by increasingly harsh penal institutions, dramatic curtailment of social and political rights, a rapid decline in governmental accountability, and deliberate programs to quell any protests against these changes.


We have seen many closing societies over the past century come and go, but never without serious and lingering consequences.  In the 1920s to 1940s, we saw three such examples of closing societies unfold:  Nazi Germany, Hirohito’s Japan, and Mussolini’s Italy.  The closing of these societies and their subsequent imperialistic motivations were the primary cornerstone that led the world into the horrors of World War II.


We saw this process of closing societies repeat itself with the birth of the Soviet Union and Communist China, events that sparked decades of cold war spying, covert political plots, and both economic and militaristic sabotage efforts by both sides.  The consequence of these closing societies has been perpetual distrust between Eastern and Western developed societies.


Today, we stand at the threshold of a new round of closing societies.  This time, the main driving forces behind the closing societies is technology.  As governmental entities incorporate new computer and video surveillance technologies, the potential for a police-state to develop and misuse these technologies is growing rapidly.  The lessons of history are all we have standing between us and fulfillment of the Orwellian prophecy.


  • Given the current state of affairs in the world, identify the most likely candidates for closure and present your arguments for their inclusion on the list.  What sociopolitical environment seems most conducive to such closure?  What technologies and/or policies currently “on the books” might contribute to such closure and what available technologies might assist or hamper such closure?
  • The White Rose Society was a group of college students in Nazi Germany who dared speak out against Hitler and his leadership.  For this, they were found by the Gestapo and executed for sedition and treason.  Compare and contrast these events with reported events involving the Department of Homeland Security.  Are there reasons for concern by the American citizenry?
  • In the 1930s, Hitler had numerous “detainment” camps established throughout Germany into which various groups were exiled from society for “retraining.”  This practice was again seen in Lenin’s and Stalin’s Soviet Union.  With reports of the United States having similar facilities constructed that purportedly will hold up to a half-million people, are we seeing similar events unfold in the United States and if so, what should we do to stop it?

The closing of societies is a scary prospect, particularly when, as with Italy and Germany, those who close societies are often elected by democratic processes.  Thomas Jefferson warned us that the price of remaining a free society was eternal diligence.  The empowerment of diligence is knowledge and communication.


Research and analysis of issues such as closing societies requires skill as many of the clues revealing the closure process are hidden in numerous news stories and half-truth press releases.  Writers like ours are use to working in such environments, frequently having to draw facts together from sources corrupted by governmental and corporate propagandists.


For assistance with your article on closing societies, contact us today.

Essays on Energy-Related Pollution

For over 200 years we have explored the earth for coal, oil and natural gas with which to fuel our energy-hungry society.  Vast fortunes of many families have been built upon these industries and our society today is ever-more dependent upon them for its operation.  Yet it is equally true that the supply of these precious resources comes with a price tag, one so great that many today are beginning to question the wisdom of our continued reliance and dependency on these resources.  That price tag is energy-related pollution.


Energy-related pollution has been known about for many decades, brought to the public spotlight in the 1960s by Rachel Carlson in her book, “Silent Spring.”  Though the book focused on the issue of acid rain and its effects on fragile ecosystems, energy-related pollution can and does take many forms, classified perhaps over-broadly into air pollution, water pollution and land pollution, forming what is coming to be recognized as a detrimental positive feedback loop (a series of events or conditions which feeds upon each other in ways that are both hazardous to mankind and destructive to our environment).


From the devastating effects of the Exxon-Valdez oil spill in 1989 to the pending disaster of aging coal-slurry retaining ponds, our society is paying a very heavy cost for our reliance on hydro-carbon fuels – that of an impending avalanche of energy-related pollution which threatens to overwhelm thousands of communities not only within the United States, but in every developed … and developing … nation on Earth.  The worst of these effects, one which threatens us all, is that of global warming which, it is believed, is accelerating because of energy-related pollution.


There is hope, however.  This disaster has not fully bloomed, though time is running out for us to take action.

  • Research and identify the various types of energy-related pollution and define the effects it is currently having (or may have at some future point) upon our society.
  • Is there any hidden energy-related pollution that our society may be overlooking?
  • What actions can be taken to mitigate or eliminate the threats posed by energy-related pollution?  What are the projected costs of these actions?  Does the threat justify these costs?

Energy-related pollution is just one of many topics our staff of writers is familiar with.  Combining their knowledge with cutting-edge research technologies and high quality writing skills, we can prepare an essay, term paper or report on virtually any topic of your choosing, approaching the topic in the manner you desire to deliver only effective, high-impact documents to maximize your chance at high grades.


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06 Nov 2008

Essays on Title VII

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prevents workforce discrimination based on color, religion, sex and beliefs. Employees that work within the United States are protected under Title VII. Essays on Title VII discuss the evolution of discrimination laws that provide citizens with Constitutional rights. Many people are unaware of the laws that protect employees in the workplace. In writing essays on Title VII, students have the opportunity to gain valuable experience, which they can take into the workplace to promote a positive atmosphere. With discrimination laws in place, employers continue to violate protocol. Title VII prevents discrimination in recruitment, promotion and workplace standards. Writing service companies will take your essays on Title VII and infuse them with strong ideas and concepts.

Essays on Title VII confront the challenges that currently reside in the workplace. Employers and employees violate the discrimination laws that protect workforce members from adverse and unlawful behavior and action. Believe it or not, there are numerous laws that fall under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In 1991, Congress enacted provisions on the Civil Rights Act of 1991 to ensure that recruitment, workplace treatment and the testing process, which accommodates minorities, would be upheld. Minorities in the workforce confront recruitment issues that need resolution. The federal government was unable to increase the percentage of minorities in agency positions. In the past 20 years, the number of African American, Hispanic American and Native Americans in federal employment agencies remains the same. Essays on Title VII focus on redeveloping the workplace framework.

Essays on Title VII begin with strong research. Although the course of the writing doesn’t delve deep into the discrimination debate, students possess a great opportunity in leading the charge in writing quality essays on Title VII. Outlining the plan, preparing a reference list and developing a strong introduction improve the overall efficiency in your writing. Many writers experience difficulty with writing their introduction. Introduction and thesis statement fuels the body of the paper. In order to complete essays on Title VII, one must focus on planning. Organizing the facts, writing the introduction and developing a strong thesis statement promote smooth and quality writing. Nothing is worse than experiencing writers block due to ineffective research and procrastination.

Essays on Title VII discuss the different acts enacted by Congress. The Family and Medical Leave Act, the Pregnancy Act, Disability Act and other laws have been implemented to protect employees from experiencing discrimination that affects their role in the workplace. Writing serving companies maintain writers that will produce quality and professional essays on Title VII. With a newly elected minority president, the U.S. will face many discrimination law changes. Students that write essays on Title VII will learn a great deal of information on discrimination laws that represent workforce members and their impending success as new recruits.

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Essays on Foreign Policy

Essays on foreign policy demonstrate the process of diplomacy, coercion and negotiation. The United States has been known in past to utilize diplomacy in order to avoid war. When diplomacy fails to deliver ample results, the next course of action is enforcing sanctions on a nation. Following foreign policy procedures, Secretary of State Colin Powell influenced President Bush to take his war case to the United Nations. The American government had been guilty of rushing into wars without following a foreign policy plan of action. Essays on foreign policy confront Presidential, international and domestic issues.

Essays on foreign policy stick to the facts. Domestic foreign policy involves the economy, Homeland Security, The Patriot Act and other issues. When a nation experience internal problems, they are vulnerable to outside threats. Presidential foreign policy provides a reader with the steps that a president takes to confront domestic and international issues. International foreign policy usually involves United Nations meeting and support. At times, the President deploys The Secretary of State to international countries to serve as a mediator. Foreign policy is a powerful diplomatic skill that requires careful attention.

Student must learn the basics in regards writing essays on foreign policy. American government and the United Nations have engaged into many foreign policy discussions. In this past decade, President George W. Bush rushed into the Iraq War without locating the facts. As United Nation inspectors failed to locate Weapons of Mass Destruction, President Bush exercised his chief executive authority to declare war on Iraq. According to the Constitution, the president has the power to declare war without Congress approval. After 90 days, the president must seek Congressional approval to maintain resistance. Countries that want to gain support must adopt diplomacy or risk future repercussions.

Essays on foreign policy begin with a topic. Foreign policy is a vast subject. Student writers are expected to deploy their personal perception into challenging the specifics in foreign policy. Developing strong outlines and an introduction conclude the importance of planning and setting a tone in your essays on foreign policy. Summarizing content is necessary to introduce the reader to the specifics of an essay. Retelling the facts allows a reader the ability to understand what is a stake. The plan of the essay is important to developing an argument. Students must avoid abusing summary because it deviates from academic writing. Imagine reading essays on foreign policy that avoid personal perception, analysis and criticism. They would be ineffective in delivering an academic response. Essays on foreign policy requires personal perception.

The goal of writing essays on foreign policy is to provide an opinion on international and domestic approaches to conflicting actions. The recent Russian stranglehold on Georgia proves that foreign policy is an insurmountable communicational tool that promotes peace and enforces international guidelines. Obtaining credible sources is imperative to writing efficient essays on foreign policy. A successful outcome to your essays on foreign policy depends on reliable sources, interest and knowledge. Stating the facts improves the efficiency of your paper. Writing service companies employ writers that will deliver quality essays on foreign policy. Students have an opportunity to write, learn and respond to foreign policy issues.

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Essays on Constitutional Law

As of late, Constitutional Law is gathering more support. People are realizing the power of a vote. In the past, citizens would avoid voting because they felt that it was a waste of time. Fast forward to present time, millions of people are making their votes count. Essays on Constitutional Law shares the importance of policymaking. When new issues surface on state ballots, state legislatures, Congress and U.S. Senate officials first foresee them. Although the Constitution was written over 200 years ago, the country is moving  in another direction. Minorities are quickly bridging the gap to become the majority. With that precursor note, the dynamics of the workforce influenced major provisions to the Civil Right Act of 1964. In 1991, Congress amended discrimination rights that protect employees from further adverse treatment within the workforce. Essays on Constitutional Law educate students on the specifics of law.

Essays on Constitutional Law begin with quality research. The reason that quality comes into play is because the formality in research requires respectable sources. Students should avoid trusting websites that distort the facts. Ask yourself questions that pertain to your course of study. Instructors usually pass out sheets that narrow down the topics. What is it that you want to convey to your reader? Do you want to delve into the history of federal and state laws and why they’re written? As employers and workers continue to violate laws, workforce laws protect employees from unfair, adverse and crude treatment. Workplace laws enable employees to gain the rights they deserve as labor force workers. Writing service companies know the value of quality essays on Constitutional Law. Students have a chance to realize the power of a voice. Understanding the Constitutional Law makes writing essays on Constitutional Law a whirlwind of success.

Now that a student gathers the sources necessary to write their essays on Constitutional Law, they have to develop an outline. Outlines are not mandatory, but does help a writer stay on topic. It’s common for student writers and even professional writers to lose focus. The mind is a vast space that needs direction, discipline and motivation. Write your essays on Constitutional Law in an atmosphere that inspires you. Though this piece of advice doesn’t work for all writers, it could make the process smoother. Professional writers noted that the most disciplined writers should write at times they don’t feel inclined to do so. If a writer can produce during an uneventful moments, imagine the possibilities. The moment they find an inspiring moment to write, they will be able to tackle Constitutional Law like a policymaker.

Essays on Constitutional Law travel back to a time when only the pioneers had rights. Constitutional Law is a broad subject matter that warrants diverse opinions. As a student writer, take the time to locate the facts, research the various laws and focus on one aspect of Constitutional Law. Should laws be rewritten to accommodate modern day society? Student writers live in a special time and should take advantage of writing essays on Constitutional Law.

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05 Nov 2008

Essays on Effective Campaigning Strategies

Americans found out an effective way to obtain what they want in life – if you have more money and criticize another person, you will get what you want. Essays on effective campaigning strategies prove that money and criticism is imperative to success. Before the election craze consumed the nation, the newly elected President Barack Obama stated that he would accept public funding for the election. During that moment in time, he didn’t wasn’t aware of his contribution potential. After attracting a staggering $600 million in donations, Obama was able to defeat any imposing force. Writing service companies maintain efficient writer that are eager in crafting essays on effective campaigning strategies. Essays on effective campaigning strategies helps student understand how to accomplish their hopes and dreams.

Essays on effective campaigning strategies begin with strong sources. This style of writing is known as argumentative, informational and critical. Once you locate the sources necessary to write your essays on effective campaigning strategies, construct an outline. It’s easy to loose your train of thought through distractions. Essays on effective campaigning strategies rely on a strong introduction. Spend some time building on the foundation of the paper. The introduction is the most important part of your essay. Without an efficient introduction, the essay will be ineffective. Think of an introduction as an architecture blueprint. Every student knows the power of a thesis. One sentence provides the writer and audience with a specific concentration.

Essays on effective campaigning strategies begin with the facts. After the Information Age adopted the Internet, the world was introduced to the power of web networking. Businesses discovered the benefits of advertising, earning potential and a forum for criticism. Consumers were offered the chance to utilize flexibility, maintain convenience and offer their objectivity. Newly elected Sacramento Mayor, Kevin Johnson, learned the power of money and criticism. He used that campaigning strategy to outspend former mayor Heather Fargo. Through criticism and a 3 to 1 spending advantage, Mayor Johnson imitated the campaigning recipe for success and became the first African American Mayor of Sacramento. Essays on effective campaigning strategies build on campaigning strategies to defeat the competition.

Essays on effective campaigning strategies thrive on the power of money and criticism. Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and John McCain found out the hard way. They paid for past mistakes that linked them to the Iraq War. There was no turning back. Obama criticized and blamed President Bush for every nation and international flounder that starved humanity. Think for one moment – had Obama accepted public funding for his election – he would’ve been limited on advertising and traveling.

The new norm is to criticize one person instead of providing the truthful facts of who was really responsible for the impending issues. The media was unable or unwilling to share the facts, but knew how to criticize the opposing force. Students have the option to voice their opinion, use campaigning strategies to their advantage and realize their hopes and dreams. If you have money and know how to criticize, you will enjoy a prosperous future. Essays on effective campaigning strategies deliver a formula for success.

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03 Nov 2008

Essays on Social Exclusion

Man is a social animal.  We thrive on human contact.  Indeed, in today’s society, we have almost no choice but to interact with others in order to acquire our basic necessities.  Yet for millions, even in America, social participation is but a dream.  Even more than 40 years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, we continue to find ways to exclude many minorities, ex-offenders, immigrants and others who are exactly like ourselves.  This creates an environment of social exclusion and elitism.

Social exclusion is a concept related to, but distinct from, discrimination.  Social exclusion can occur anytime, to anyone, for a variety of reasons.  Social exclusion, according to recent studies, affects not only social development, but hampers intellectual development and abilities in both adolescents and adults.  Though younger individuals have not been clinically examined, one can surmise that they too are affected adversely by social exclusion.

One form of social exclusion on the minds of many today is homelessness.  Counter-intuitively, homeless citizens without “responsibilities” of employment or household management suffer stress levels normally found only in high-pressure occupations such as firefighting, law enforcement and securities trading.  In part this is because of the uncertainty that many of them feel about the future and the fact that they do not have the wherewithal to participate in social functions.  As with any vulnerable population, the isolation of the homeless from society makes them many times more likely to end up the victim of a crime, ranging from the theft of personal property to rape and murder.

  • Research and critically analyze various forms of social exclusion and describe its effects on those who are excluded and upon our society in general.
  • Investigations of the Columbine shootings in Colorado revealed the gunmen had suffered extreme levels of harassment and hazing by fellow students.  Is this a form of social exclusion and if so, how might it have been addressed to prevent the tragic events at Columbine High School?

It is all too common for students at every level to deal with social exclusion in one form or another.  With the cognitive effects of social exclusion, many of them are the very students who come to us for help with their class work, feeling overwhelmed by the workload and lack of support in most academic institutions. 

Our writers can easily understand this problem and offer research and writing support services to assist even the most socially isolated individual.  With their dedication, skills and talent, they can easily prepare your social exclusion essay in less time and with much higher quality than one might expect, given the state of our industry today.  Our writers believe their personal integrity is at stake with each and every paper they prepare and thus work hard to ensure that every paper is original and well documented.

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